Astra CD 1.8

Do not buy an Astra

397 words, 2 comments

Astra CD 1.8 petrol

Just don't do it to yourself!

266 words


Nice car while running well

119 words

Astra City 1.8

Absolutely Brilliant

169 words

Astra SRi 2.24

Great to drive, terribly expensive to maintain, and so expensive- Holden need to take accountability

125 words

Astra TS 1.8

Great car, but costly to service, having to replace the timing belt every 60,000Ks

41 words

Astra CD 1.8

Great to drive, far to expensive to maintain - buy a Honda or Toyota instead

246 words

Astra Sedan Equipe 1.6 petrol

Nice car, badly let down by reliability and Holdens refusal to back their product

137 words

Astra SRi 2.2L petrol

Great car for those with deep pockets or who purchase one already repaired

198 words

Astra TS City 1.8L petrol


85 words

Astra TS Equipe 1.8

Great, but very pricey to maintain

117 words

Astra CD 1.8 petrol

I would buy another one

78 words

Astra CD 1.8

Feels like a BMW

60 words

Astra CD 1.8 petrol

Good car, shame about the service

175 words

Astra CD 1.8

A mostly pleasant surprise

177 words, 1 comment

Astra TS 3-door 1.8 16v

An overrated euro

60 words, 1 comment

Astra 2 door city 1.8


80 words

Astra Convertible 2.2 litre

Even after a long day in the office I enjoy driving this car

56 words, 3 comments

Astra TS - Equipe 1.8 twin cam

A piece of European art adjusted to the harsh Australian conditions

107 words, 1 comment

Astra City Equipe 1.8 petrol

You couldn't get better value for you money

179 words

Astra SRi 2.2

A stylish, comfortable and sporty hot hatch that doesn't have many compromises

275 words, 4 comments

Astra CD Sedan 1.8 Manual

Without question, the best small-medium car on the market

189 words, 1 comment

Astra CD 1.8L petrol

Great small-medium car

231 words, 1 comment

Astra TS 3-door 1.8 twin cam

Best handler in class

150 words, 4 comments

Astra Convertible 2.2

Very good, if fixed

100 words, 5 comments

Astra City 1.8

No regrets

277 words, 6 comments

Astra TS City 1.8

A high performance bargain

49 words, 1 comment

Astra CD 1.8

Not overpowered, but really well equipped and good to drive

118 words, 3 comments

Astra City 3 door hatch 1.8

Good when the faults are fixed

93 words, 1 comment

Astra CD 1.8

Economical, quick and fun to drive

175 words, 8 comments

Astra TS City 1.8

A fun car to drive

92 words, 3 comments

Astra City 1.8

An excellent car for a reasonable price

113 words

Astra TS 16v EFI

The Astra is a quality car with zippy performance, but an overly zealous computer management system

258 words, 81 comments

Astra City 1.8

Pocket rocket

38 words