3rd May 2015, 12:54

Remove and clean the throttle body.

There is a small hole for the exhaust gases that gets blocked and leads to rough start up and idling.

I had the same problems as you, and after cleaning, the car is back to normal running.

15th Jun 2015, 05:23

Hi, I have a 2004 Astra. It was running rough when it was cold, then it cut out at an intersection, with no warning. Tried starting it, but wouldn't go, but when turning it over the emission light was flashing. Waited ten minutes and it went again. Took it to the mechanic, he cleaned the throttle body and something else, and said he didn't know why it was cutting out. It's not running rough now, but cut out again at another corner. I have only had this car one month, and would like to get it running right. I worried it's going to do this out on the highway, with my kids in the car.

2nd Aug 2015, 09:23

I've got the same car, a 2002 Astra. I just found out that I can overfill it with engine oil, because this Ecotec motor is designed for 1 litre of engine oil only. If someone overfills the engine oil, it starts having electric issues. Last time my mechanic loaded too much engine oil, and the engine started leaking oil from every joint.

11th Sep 2015, 15:00

I have a 2003 Astra with an electronic accelerator. It starts easy and runs well, but no acceleration at all.

22nd Sep 2015, 11:44

I have a 2001 Astra Equipe and I need to replace the oxygen sensor. Can I do it myself and where is it located?

The other problem is that the speedo just stopped working. Any idea as to what would be the cause?

24th Oct 2015, 11:18

What wonderful advice, thank you!

I love my little Astra (Lyla)

20th Dec 2015, 10:50

My partner and I bought a 2002 Holden Astra two weeks ago.

It ran fine with no issues until today. When driving along, it suddenly started revving out and going nowhere. It made no noises or jerking, and ran perfect beforehand.

It starts up fine and idles well, but when you accelerate it goes nowhere.

Any ideas please?

Checked the oil, and it's full.

8th Jan 2016, 06:37

Hey, I had the same issue. Just changed the coil pack and it seems 85% better. Also, check there is a small hose near your air filter, as if it's not on properly, it will run terribly.

12th Feb 2016, 00:00

I had the exact same problem about a week ago in my 2000 TS Astra (340 000km). Just replaced the stereo and she's all sweet.

8th Apr 2016, 06:23

Astra 2003 auto, regularly stalls at traffic lights or after stationary idling. It doesn't always restart immediately, but usually does within a minute or two. Happens at least once every 2 days. Engine/spanner lights come on sometimes, sometimes they don't, or one does.

1st mechanic changed the coils and then gave up. The next mechanic checked the codes again and said it was a throttle issue. Fixed this (apparently) and then it was fine for a week or so, and then happened again. This time mechanic said it was ECU... so they fitted a brand new one and it's been a few days and has happened again twice in the past 2 days. Nothing seems to resolve it and mechanics don't seem to know the problem.

Does anyone know what actually causes this problem, or anything to tell the mechanic to check this time? It's been super expensive to repair so far and hasn't worked. I've read about camshaft sensor, or cleaning air flow meter. Anything else worth checking??

8th Apr 2016, 06:26

Hi, did you have any luck resolving your issue? My partner's car does exactly this currently. Mechanics have tried many things and nothing has resolved it.

22nd May 2016, 01:00

Great advice about the Astra cars. I bought an Astra and it was running incredibly well, so I decided to have the cam belt, water pump and rocker gasket replaced. I noticed the emissions light came on after collecting the car from the mechanics on the motorway, and that the car had lost its power, is shuddering and does not idle well and drops into reverse gear heavily, also shuddering. Any idea what's happened to my car? I'm taking it back to the mechanic on Monday for a check. Any advice would be helpful.

17th Jul 2016, 03:49

I'm having the exact same problem, I have the engine light on and the traction control light is also on??

1st Aug 2016, 06:25

Sorry about the length of this message, but it will save you a lot of money.

Hi my daughter just purchased a 2002 Astra and the next day it started running rough. I thought it was the crank sensor, but that was OK.

How did I fix the problem??? There are only 3 issues with a engine: #1 electric, #2 fuel, #3 air.

On the 2002 Astra, the most common problem is the throttle body. After 100k km the black gunk that builds up inside throttle body has to be cleaned out. There is a small vacuum hole at the bottom of the throttle body that needs a 1mm wire poked through the hole. If this is not cleaned, the engine when started creates a vacuum lock and the electric throttle body won't open. There's 2 vacuum hoses from the rocker / cam cover. Just follow the small hose and it will end at the bottom of the throttle body. Take it off and find a piece of mig wire or oxy tip cleaners and poke it through the hole; put a bend in the wire that you're holding so you don't push it all the way in (it should go through about 50 mm). This fixed this problem straight away.

26th May 2017, 06:49

I have same problem with my Holden Astra 2001 TS.

27th Sep 2017, 06:23

I think you should also replace the inlet ambient air temp sensor located in the air flow meter, as this seems to be the creator of the much talked about surging problem everyone has (change the air flow meter). I have a 2001 TS Astra and my wife and I enjoy it immensely. Regular maintenance is a MUST.

10th Jul 2018, 02:00

I have a 2003 Astra. Had to replace the ignition; starts fine now etc. However the air bag light stays on and the radio powers up but no sound. Was told I must have a damaged clock spring... replaced that, but still the same problem. But the steering wheel radio controls will change station, but no sound. Oh and the horn works. I've tried everything and everywhere, but nothing works. HELP!