14th Feb 2004, 01:50

Just got my Astra City TODAY, a 2003 model. Has since drove it for about 60kms, and I realise that the engine revs while changing gears (Is it just me?) and it is a tad hard to change from 1st to 2nd gear. Also, whilst removing items from the boot, I realised there was a slight burnt smell and hissing from the exhaust pipe!

Has anyone else had this problem with their new car?

11th May 2004, 19:36

Interesting to note the number of entries regarding increasing revs when changing gears. I have a '98 TS Astra (CD) which has recently started revving between gear changes, particularly from 1st to 2nd, and sometimes 2nd to 3rd. In lower rev gear changes, i.e. 3rd to 4th, it doesn't seem to be a problem. Has anyone had this problem rectified, and if so, what did it involve?

18th Jun 2006, 19:41

I own a manual Astra 2001 model and after 60K kms the emission warning light appeared along with the traction control warning light for no apparent reason. The car now "stutters" and I fear it might be part of that over zealous engine management system. I had the computer reset and it seemed to run as before, but a day later both warning lights appeared again and the engine stuttering kicks in after while, or immediately. Any thoughts anyone? I'm thinking that once Astra's get to this age / mileage it's time to set them free and get another vehicle...

3rd Aug 2006, 23:28

Hi, My 2001 Astra CD also had a 'stutter' and some lights came on, we put in a new battery and the problem was fixed. If you haven't changed your battery recently it may be worth having it checked. Hope this helps.

14th Aug 2006, 01:04

Also my car has the stutter and the oil light problem too. Forgot to mention that as I have become accustomed with it.

30th Dec 2006, 15:35

Hi All.

I have a 2002 Astra CD (manual). Does anyone know how to change the gearbox oil in this car?

When I drive, the gears are very hard to change when the outside temperature is hot. I took the car to my local mechanic and apparently Holden have designed it so that they are the only ones that can change the oil. And Holden charge $50 just to have a look (or open the bonnet). Then they charge more to replace the oil.

If I can change the oil myself, I will. But I don't know how, so any help is appreciated.



2nd Apr 2007, 17:15

Just a comment for those who wrote about high revs in Astra TS series when auto transmission is changing the gears. I have been advised that if the auto transmission is slipping the oil would need to be replaced.

16th Apr 2007, 19:43

I Have 1999 TS Astra. I have just clocked up 200 thousand km's and the car still runs as smoothly as I first got it. To be honest the only problem I had was when I first got the car the stereo would automatically go to full blast when I started the car... Holden never fixed the problem so I ended up changing the stereo. I recommend finding a trustworthy mechanic who is truthful rather then taking it to the manufacturer for a service.

27th Feb 2008, 01:38

2002 TS Holden Astra CD. Can anyone please advise me as to how to remove and replace the roof mounted radio antenna? I also understand that a signal amplifier is fitted to the base of the antenna. Any information regarding this would be appreciated.

Look forward to your replies.

14th Apr 2008, 21:31

In 2006 we purchased a regularly serviced, second hand, 2003 Astra with 45000 km on the clock. Recently, at 50000 km, the car developed a fault where it would simply stop and could not be started again until several hours had passed. Our local Holden dealer replaced the coil pack (at a cost to us of NZ$687.14) and the problem seems to have gone away.

We contacted Holden NZ to ask for compensation in this case, because of the low mileage, relatively young age of the vehicle, and the nature of the fault. It would have been nice to have something positive to say, but they declined any support on the grounds the vehicle is older than the warranty period.

This is very disappointing given the fault has nothing to do with how the car has been driven. It appears to us that Holden finds it acceptable for basic parts on its vehicles to fail after five years. Further, the replacement is only guaranteed for two years.

16th Feb 2009, 19:14

My manual Holden Astra 2001 is getting a new coil fitted as I type this. After a month or two of erratic engine performance, and the (engine) warning light coming on and then going back to normal, I had enough. It's the coil folks.. they wear out just like us. (fingers crossed) he he...

22nd Jun 2009, 08:45

Astra 2003 CD sedan auto (72.000 kms to date) :

Dash board rattles from middle front + the fan from vent rattles on the dash as well (when it feels like it).

Had to change some bolt in drivers door (it had vanished??) but "it is a common default on the Astra".

If I just put the fan on, it smells, so I need to leave the air conditioning on at all time, but then the buttons to regulate air conditioning rattle as they please too...

Changed battery after 2 years.

CD player ate one of my CDs and won't give it back or play it. So I can only listen to the radio.

Brake pads and rotors back and front had to be changed at around 55000 kms.

Engine coolant must love my garage floor. And I thought paying for fixing it would have solved the problem, ha, ha, I was just kidding myself...

Anyway, love that smell, the sound of rattles from about everywhere (I forgot the 'squirk' that the rear suspension makes when I get in), and I've got the feeling that very soon I will congratulate myself for finally subscribing to one of those road assistance things that hopefully saves the day...

27th Jan 2010, 22:26

I've just been reading some of the previous comments posted over the years and thought I'd add my bit in. I have a manual Astra CD hatch 2001 (152,000kms), which I bought about a year ago. In previous posts people have mentioned their Astras revving on their own between certain gears. This happened to me and it was my computer. I had to replace this ($1,600) and another part (can't remember the name) that was a further $800.

I love my Astra, but it's getting less and less appealing having to fork out so much money!

P.S. I called around a few places before replacing the computer, and they all quoted the same price and said "oh we've had so many people in here crying about their Astras".

Apparently replacing the computer is a common expense.

19th Apr 2010, 16:06

I have an Astra 2002 CD model. It is currently at the mechanics being fixed. I'm a little concerned, as I took it to two different mechanics and they diagnosed two different problems. The first suggested it was the coil pack, and the second suggested it was the computer. I am inclined to believe the second mechanic, as the first suggested every single thing under the bonnet needed replacing down to the water pump. I am now worried that I am going to get the computer changed and then the coil pack will need doing in two months time or something. Anyone have any experience with this?