23rd Apr 2010, 22:57

I am just buying my son's 1999 Astra, which he has had for 3 years and 60,000k. He got it with about 100,000k on it.

Apart from brakes and the timing belt being replaced, he hasn't had any problems a service didn't fix. These might need replacing a bit more often than other similar cars, but the jobs can be done by any mechanic, and aren't overly expensive if you don't go to the Holden dealers.

It is 12,000k since he had a minor service done, so I have just done the pollen, air and fuel filters, cleaned the throttle body (needs to be done regularly or they won't idle) and an oil and filter change (total cost under $100). The car is running like new.

Excellent performance, good handling, solid car, good options like cruise control make it a far better driving car than a Corolla (I have had 3 Corollas, and they are great for reliability, but very so so to drive).

Most of the problems I read here are because people don't know their cars, and identify and get problems fixed as soon as the symptoms appear.

9th May 2010, 19:07

Hi, I have a 1999 Holden Astra and I think it might be a lemon too. The biggest issue is that it likes to turn off while you are driving. The car doesn't idle at all (sometimes). Slow down at an intersection, push the clutch in and the car quietly shuts off. It used to only randomly do this. Sometimes going a week between shutdowns. Presently it turns off 5 times in a 5 minute drive. Quite challenging to push the clutch, brake and gas at the same time...

Another issue is the power surging that has just started. Can't drive at 100km/h. Basically the speed will fluctuate between 95-105km/h. Not great for speed cameras. This problem just started this week. Any ideas?

I think the throttle body needs cleaning, but what about the engine shutting off??

11th May 2010, 21:26

I cleaned the throttle valve and the stalling problem is GONE!!!

The car is actually working again. I have no mechanical aptitude and I fixed the car. I am freaking amazed. Paid 8 bucks for the cleaner. Sprayed it and scrubbed with a tooth brush. And it's fixed.

I had called Holden and they figured they would have to hook the computer up to car to diagnose. Or charge $93.50 to clean the valve on its own. Took me 15 minutes.

The car is still power surging, but I think that might be due too bad fuel. Hopefully it will fade away. Any ideas?

20th Jul 2010, 09:10

I bought my 2001 Astra CD model at the beginning of November last year (2009). I drive my car to uni and back most days, and my job is as a delivery driver for Dominos, so I drive around a lot.

Now I know it's only been 9 months or so, but the car runs so smoothly and so reliably, I'm happy to have this as my first car.

The only problem I have ever had was one night at work, where my windows and radio just stopped working. I checked all the fuses and they were all OK, turns out a track to one set of fuses had stopped working, so I just routed power from another track, and everything is fine again.

It seems to me that many people don't do the regular checks you are recommended to do weekly with any car you buy.

25th Jul 2010, 00:53

I took my Holden Astra to a Holden dealer for its 105,000km service! Two days later the engine light came on, so I returned the car back to the Holden service department; they took no responsibility and told me the petrol filter is clogged and it needs replacing, and it would cost me $66, so I paid them to replace the petrol filter that was causing the engine light to come on!

They then told me if the the engine light comes back on, it would be because of the ignition coil; it is showing minor signs of deterioration!

Two days later the engine light came back on, so I returned the car back to the Holden dealer again, who then told me the O2 sensor needs replacing, so they replaced the O2 sensor costing them $300! I then picked up the car; whilst driving the car home, the engine light came back on! They then quoted me for another 3 parts that could be causing the engine light to come on!

* Cont unit-Eng $805

* Meter air mass $186

* Module $465

At this stage I'm driving around a car with the engine light on because the Holden service department doesn't know whats wrong with my Holden!

11th Aug 2010, 12:35

I have a 2001 TS Astra Equipe with 196k.

It has an annoying rattle coming from the engine bay on idle and gets louder when when I put it into drive and put my foot on the brake? But it goes away when driving or at 1500 RPM?

I just had all the work done to the engine, timing belt, water pump etc. It was making this rattle before it went in for a service, and I thought it would have gone away?

Has anyone had the same problem?

12th Aug 2010, 03:31

I have recently just had my Astra 99 serviced and they could not find what was wrong with it. I have the surging problem at any speed that I am going.

Also taking off. I have my foot flat to the floor, it revs right out and doesn't change gears. Also it doesn't get any speed. I am so hoping that someone can find what is wrong with it as it's becoming very annoying and expensive.

If any can find out this problem it would be great!

18th Aug 2010, 07:18

I purchased a Brand New Holden Astra AH CD Hatch from a Sydney dealer, wow what a car that's been, plenty of surprises.

The back seat must have a ghost sitting on it that I can't see, because every 4-5 months I get a split in the stitching and mind you I am the only person that drives this thing, not to mention that ghost keeps wanting something from my glove box. I can't figure out what yet?

Now that ghost has stuck his fingers in the coil system and they've decided to fail. I don't know what more to say, is it my imagination or is it that Astra belongs in a metal scrap yard?

Mind you this thing only has 47,000 kms on it. Hey looking for a real car, buy the Subaru, any day.

What ever you do, don't buy a car from Holden, they'll never do it right.

7th Dec 2010, 05:16

My 2002 Astra wants to cut out at low revs especially when cold, on take off it goes to about 20 kmph and that's about it for 10-15 seconds, then it seems to pick up speed. My mechanic changed the coilpack but it's just the same, could it be a dirty throttle body?

24th Feb 2011, 02:45

I bought my 2003 CDX Astra in 2008, unfortunately before the timing belt had been replaced. That cost me unexpected $$ as well as getting brakes done, air conditioning condenser, new battery, water pump (twice in 40,000kms) intermittent radio that no longer works. Now the traction control kicks in at the most inappropriate times, which has set of the emissions control light that now stays on...

I love my Astra, but my budget cannot cater for the demands of the maintenance required by this car.