Holden Jackaroo reviews from Australia and New Zealand


Jackaroo Basic 3.0 intercooled turbo diesel

Reliable and economical - Love my Jackaroo

246 words, 4 comments

Jackaroo 3.0 turbo diesel

Great when it is going

319 words, 3 comments

Jackaroo Nullabor 3.0L turbo diesel

Why did they stop making them!!!

105 words, 2 comments


Jackaroo 3.0 turbo diesel

Average build quality and comfort levels, but becomes expensive to own as it gets past 100,000 km

92 words


Jackaroo TD 3.0 turbo diesel

Good car for the price

239 words, 2 comments

Jackaroo 3 litre turbo diesel


113 words, 19 comments


Jackaroo SE 3.5L

Great vehicle, comfortable and safe

52 words, 1 comment

Jackaroo SE 3.5 V6 petrol

Really like the car otherwise, wish could solve the problem

136 words, 4 comments

Jackaroo 3.5L DOHC V6 petrol

Well worth considering as a family 4WD

96 words, 51 comments


Jackaroo SE 3.5 DOHC V6

Very underrated and solid - ages well

49 words


Jackaroo 3.2 petrol

Great comfort: very poor engine management

81 words, 2 comments

Jackaroo LS 3.5 petrol

Has the power of a 3.8L Commodore, with the size and room of a troop carrier

73 words


Jackaroo DLX 4x4 Short Wheel Base 2.3 litre petrol

Fun off-road machine

189 words


Jackaroo LX

Fun and reliable


Jackaroo LX

Ould have been good but mine a lemon.