19th Apr 2014, 08:31

I've had the same problems. Cleaned O2 sensor, new sensors on the throttle body, leads, plugs and everything else... Did nothing.

Turns out the problem was with the thermostat.

Now it doesn't jump or hop, and idles perfectly.

3rd May 2014, 03:20

How did you take the light bulb out of the dashboard on your Jackaroo 1998?

18th Sep 2014, 12:35

I need help, I have just bought a 99 Holden Jackaroo SE 3.5L V6, and it runs really well, but when you put it into 5th gear, it makes a strange whirring noise from the gearbox.

I hope that someone can help me to tell whether this is normal, because I have read other comments that this is normal.

22nd Oct 2014, 23:33

I have had a 2000 Jackaroo petrol since new. I have flogged it offroad and have kept up with the equivalent Nissans and Toyotas.

I barely have a straight panel left on it, but it has been such a great vehicle.

I too went through the revving, stalling, check engine light scenario, but I was lucky that I found someone who fixed the problem completely. Computer analysis said O2 sensor, so I replaced that. As you know, that is not the problem though.

It is definitely the "throttle body". This guy had the car for 10 minutes and cleaned the throttle body. No more problems!

After about 80,000km of great running, it started to run a little erratic, so I told my current mechanic to clean the "throttle body". He did, and bingo back to new. However the "check engine" light came on, so I went straight back to him, and he said yeah wait for all the rubbish I sprayed to pass through. Sure enough, 10km later no more light.

The poor old girl has squeaky suspension, peeling clear coat and damage on the panels, but I love her. Oh and I recommend electronic rustproofing. No rust, and I have done heaps of beach work and even had waves hitting the windows on one desperate occasion. Submerging the engine in salt water without a snorkel is not recommended, because about $1000 worth of pumps and electrics failed after that. It was probably worth it because it is a great memory and she still goes like a dream :-)

Thirsty girl though. I only get about 360km out of 70 litres petrol around town.


20th Nov 2014, 01:42

Mine makes a whiny noise in 5th gear too. It has for the last 2 years. You may want to check that you have oil in gear box. It's very easy to check. The top bolt is where you want to check, as the bottom bolt for draining it.

18th Jan 2015, 10:04

It's coolant leaking from under the throttle body, where a small hose connects to a steel tube, leading into the underside of the throttle body. Took me a while, but I found it.

19th Feb 2015, 07:39

I have the 3.5L V6 and it has been a great car to date with 460,000km. Recently lost power climbing a hill and stopped. Checked the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark and cleaned O2 sensors, and it still won't fire. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

5th Apr 2015, 22:32

Not sure if you have sorted your water issue yet. It may be the injector seals. Check to see if you have diesel in the water. Get onto it early, no problem.

Good luck, Azza.

20th Apr 2015, 23:29

I have a 98 3.5 V6 petrol, & the check engine light comes on and off (mostly on). I have found out I either need to replace or clean the EGR. Good luck on your journey.

25th Jul 2015, 08:06

I have a Jackaroo 98 model, just replaced EGR, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, oil change, runs great. But now I've got another problem; my check engine light comes on & off, uses a bit of fuel, running a bit rich, thinking it might be my mass air flow sensor, not sure. Anyone got any ideas? I would like to know.

25th Jul 2015, 08:24

If it's EGR, the check engine light will stay on. I've got problems with engine light now, on & off. Think it is my MAF sensor.

25th Jul 2015, 08:35

Don't use E10 petrol.

9th Mar 2016, 09:18

I have a 95 Jackaroo 3.5 V6. The engine was overheating at low speeds, but fine on the motorway. Installed a new fan and cured the problem. Air conditioning was also broke, so replaced the motor and cured the problem. Since the new air con motor was installed, the engine is overheating worse than ever at low and high speeds when the air con is running. The air con was an aftermarket system. Any ideas how to get my engine cooling better when the air con is on?

4th Apr 2016, 05:40

But if it's leaking from there, wouldn't there be visible leaks?

30th Dec 2016, 13:14

A number of people have had issues, with 3.5L petrol V6 Jackaroos, with rough, intermittent idle, high fuel consumption, and in my case after driving at highway speeds for a while, then having to stop for something like roadworks, the engine would stall, and take a while to restart. I paid a number of "knowledgeable" people with no results before finding and fixing it myself. One of the possible symptoms is the check engine light coming on and clearing itself in an apparent random fashion.

The problem is the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve mounted on the throttle body.

It is a low power stepper motor that controls the air bypassing the butterfly valve to maintain the idle. It is also one of the few sensors/controls that has no feedback.

The ECU sends a number of pulses to the motor to move the valve to the calculated position, and then ASSUMES that the valve moved as instructed.

When it get old, dirty, and hot, not all pulses move the valve. It is a weak motor on purpose, as the ECU sends a large number of pulses to close the valve against the seat, and then a calculated number back as part of the start sequence.

Because the ECU assumes the valve is positioned as per the pulses sent, it then tries to adjust for the incorrect idle.

The most common faults reported are for the MAF (PO0101 to PO0104).

I put in a new IAC and the problem was gone.

Hope this helps...

31st Jul 2017, 01:49

Do I have to drop the fuel tank to change an electric fuel pump in my Holden Jackaroo?

5th Feb 2019, 06:20

Restarting an old comment!

What OBD2 reader did you use?

I've got a 99 3.5L auto, a great old girl.

Need to check a check engine light.


6th Feb 2019, 22:11

My 1998 3.2 litre V6 Jackaroo started to stall at idle and blow heaps of black smoke, then it won’t start. Tried to fire it up but no start. If I remove the plugs and leave it overnight, it will start. Idle and revs sound good. Put it in drive, give it throttle, and it stalls and won’t start. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?