2000 Holden Jackaroo TD 3.0 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Good car for the price


So far so good. Touch wood, she runs fine except for cold starts. Takes a while to warm up.

General Comments:

I have owned my TD 2000 Jackaroo for 7 months now. It was all I could afford at the time, so I was a bit wary (I really wanted a Toyota). I live in a remote community in the APY lands in South Australia, not far from Uluru. Out here, the latest TD Troopies last about 60 000 before they get exchanged.

My car doesn't get worked like the Troopies. I just use it for personal travel, which most of the time is on extremely bad dirt roads. I have been driving these roads for about 25 years now, and I have drove a lot of different model cars since the 60 Series Toyota's in the 80's.

So far I am very impressed with my Jackaroo. It's very impressive on the dirt, and has a more comfy ride on sealed roads than a Troopy, and there is plenty of power to pass road trains. The only thing it really lacks is the weight that a Troopy has when on dirt, so they do bottom out. I'm in the process of buying a lift kit. I think the most important thing with 4WD's is how you drive them.

She cost me $10 000 at 192000km in immaculate condition. I have spent $1500 on Maxxon AT tyres, which made a huge difference.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2012

9th Aug 2012, 05:42

Can anyone help with injectors and harnessing a 2003 Jackaroo?

19th Aug 2013, 06:38

Hi there, I'm wondering if you can tell me how economical this car is to run? Maybe you can tell me how many kilometers you get out of a tank?

Thanks, Will.

11th Dec 2014, 09:53

600kms per tank no problems. The tank being 70 litres I think.

2002 Holden Jackaroo Basic 3.0 intercooled turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable and economical - Love my Jackaroo


This Jackaroo has been exceptionally reliable.

I have had NO mechanical failures, with all faults being due to normal and expected wear and tear.

The body trim, around the windscreen has come loose on several occasions, but clicks easily back into place.

The driver's seat base plastic trim has broken.

Aside from a couple of shopping trolley dings and bush scratches, the body is excellent condition. Even in dusty conditions, the cabin seals continue to work well.

I have done all my own servicing on this vehicle, which has now done 313,000klms. It is essential to use the recommended oil viscosity; W-30. I service the vehicle every 5000klms. Oil and filters are far cheaper than repairs.

NOTE: there are 2 oil filters on opposite sides of the motor. The small one on the passenger side is difficult to see. Servicing is easy and straightforward.

The clutch is at the end of its serviceable life, and will be replaced shortly. Replacement clutch = ~$1200.00 Ouch!! But considering the enjoyment, reliability and economy this vehicle has provided me, this is a small price to pay.

General Comments:

I adore this vehicle. I have used it for serious off roading and dirt driving since I purchased it in 2003 with 16000klm on the clock.

It has proven to be a very capable off road vehicle.

More importantly, it's an extremely reliable and economical vehicle to own and run.

I look forward to several more years of service before I replace it.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2010

7th Mar 2011, 02:23

I have a 1993 LS version.

It is very comfortable and reliable. I have owned the vehicle for seven years now. The only thing I had to replace was the auto trans for 2500 dollars.

My wife loves it, I mentioned about buying another vehicle and my wife didn't want to part with it.

This vehicle is very underrated and I know what is crap and good as I am a mechanic.