2nd Jun 2012, 08:53

I wrote the original review on this vehicle. I am disappointed to say that one morning it in inexplicably stopped. Cranks over beautifully, but will NOT start. I have done lots of research into this matter, only to be confronted with a plethora of possible causes, but nothing specific. Holden simply don't want to know (the Tech 2 computers say no faults). Even some money hungry mechanics refuse to even begin to look at it, as the 4JX1 motor has a serious history for stopping, never to be started again.

As investigative repairs are becoming more than the actual value of the vehicle when it was going, the Jackaroo that I was so in love with, will simply be sold to a wrecker to park alongside the others with the same issue and be broken apart. A shame really, as it is such a capable 4x4 great to drive, economical, and up until it stopped, very reliable. Now I have to buy another 4x4. I can't afford a new Colorado, so it will have to be something else.

27th Jan 2013, 17:51

Hi. Just wanted to ask you if you knew anything on the 2001 TD CRD L800A model jacks. I just bought mine with 195ks on it. When I test drove it, I got the wife to rev it on the spot and drive off under heavy throttle with no sign of any smoke (blue, white or black). I am reading a few disheartening comments on the vehicle, and am worried I have made a bad purchase.

Also, do the engines in these have timing belts or chains, and at what Ks do they need to be replaced?

Thanks for your time, Brenden.

9th Mar 2013, 15:01

Hi there,

This is a fairly common problem, and is an easy fix in most instances. Just the diagnosis can be tricky.

The ORPS is the common fault at 150,000km religiously ($300 + labour).

There are a few other bits & pieces that can go wrong, but all in all, quite easy.

29th Mar 2015, 10:45

Hey, just wondering how often does the injector harness need to be replaced???

20th Jun 2016, 05:06

Hi, I bought a 2000 model, the 4jx1 engine. Knew nothing about these motors really, but anyway had problems from day one that I drove it out of the car yard. Was fine for the first 2 hours of driving around the city, and then suddenly it stalled as I was slowing down for a red traffic light. I was a bit concerned and my concerns grew more as the hours and days went by. Basically it was hard to start and I needed to keep the revs up until it warmed up, but even then it could still at times be hard to start. Long story short, it took many months of phone calls, research etc until I found the problem....it was the ORPS (Oil Rail Pressure Sensor) and since I replaced it myself the car has never gone better, idles solidly and loves the open road. Seems to me that there are many mechanics out there that won't touch these cars as they simply are not familiar with them. People in this situation have spent thousands on new injectors, oil changes, filters etc etc, but the ORPS could be the issue. It certainly was with mine.