8th Jun 2008, 00:20

I own a 98 3.5 with 126000ks, which I am very happy with. I know that Jack V6s are very long lived; does anybody know how long if well serviced? Thank you for any feedback.

6th Sep 2008, 22:18

The surging problem could be alternator. I have a 1997 Jackaroo 3.2.

21st Nov 2008, 22:13

Hi, I have a 99 Jackaroo petrol.

The engine light came on, stating air flow sensor. The mechanic reset it good for about a week. He suggested a new air filter may solve the problem; it did not.

The next suggestion was a $500 air flow meter; this also didn't fix the problem. The only difference between this and other punters cars is that the vehicle is running fine, no noticeable problems.

If anyone could suggest a fix I'm all ears.

Cheers mike.

27th Nov 2008, 19:06

Just purchased 2000 SE Jackroo last month with 93,000 kms, the problem is seems to be the same with other Jackroos that I read in the last testimonies. If only I had found out these problems before, I might have changed into something that was worth buying and not costly to repair. It just makes me wonder why the Holden dealer keeps selling it, knowing the problem will not solve itself, and will cost the owners massive dollars that cannot solve the problem. Now am thinking of selling this car next year, and always be alert in reading testimonies before buying, it really helps to read before you buy!

17th Feb 2010, 02:16

Holden don't know anything about the Jackaroos, but they still grab your $$$ at every chance they get. I just spent $1000 having the head gasket checked and it still doesn't work properly. My advice to anyone who owns a Jack; Don't TAKE IT TO HOLDEN!

29th Oct 2010, 23:54

I've owned a 99' Jack 3.5 V6 since new, always serviced at correct intervals, offroad but never any beach work. Never had a problem, 127,000km. It's the best vehicle I've had in 42 years of driving.

15th Dec 2010, 22:53

I have a 1999 SE Petrol Jackaroo which has 95000km on the clock. At times it idles rough and the check engine light comes on permanently. I am working my way through various causes.

I have changed the oxygen sensor and reset the light by disconnecting the battery for 30 seconds plus. The rough idle continues spasmodically and the light came back on after a few weeks. Have also changed the air filter.

The vehicle goes well, so am gradually replacing parts till I fix the problem. My advice is to buy parts from Repco. Oxygen sensor at Repco was $120 while Holden wanted $500.

29th Dec 2010, 23:26

I have a 98 3.5L Jackaroo and I also have idle problems. It has 240,000 on the clock. I serviced it 10,000 ago and doing it again this week. I changed oil filter and oil, fuel filter, air filter and plugs. Lubemobile said the computer showed a fault with the EGR valve. The 'check engine' light comes on permanently now that I've changed the globe! We could also hear an air leak in the intake manifold, when you spray something flammable in the vicinity, it sucks it in and the revs raise. He wanted to charge me a fortune to find it, so I said no. I have cleaned the contacts in every plug I could find and the throttle body, I ran premium in it several times and injector cleaner.

Should I strip the valley cover and replace all the gaskets?

Should I replace the EGR?


Or is there something simpler to try first???

I'd appreciate any feedback.

4th Jan 2011, 06:03

Hi, we bought 2nd hand 1999 Holden and are experiencing issues as well.

We thought we got a great buy, but we have more or less spent more than what we paid. Now, Holden are asking for 9K more after replacing the fuel injector for $4K. This is now due to oil, coolant, water and diesel crossing over... We don't know what to do now.

Is there anyone here a mechanic as we don't know anything about this car and only rely on what Holden is saying.

Thanks in advance...

20th Feb 2011, 05:39

Hi to the Jackaroo TD Owner with head issues. Please don't take it to Holden, at least not yet...

Save your money and buy parts from Ramin Auto Parts in Dubai, who sell Isuzu spares without the 150% markup by Holden.

I have also seen some cheaper ones on eBay, but unsure of quality..??

These include genuine injector replacements required by the 4jx1 at times..


6th Mar 2011, 16:49


I have a 1998 V6 Jack. It's an auto and on gas. I have only just got it and not sure if I should be towing in 3rd or in drive. I have always used 4th gear in my old ute Ford Courier TD and it was a five speed not auto.

Thanks, Rill.

19th Mar 2011, 04:47

For those among you who have the check engine light coming on intermittently on your V6 Jackaroos, and also occasional misfires/rough idling, try replacing your inlet manifold gasket, as the seals around the ports tend to shrink, and get pulled out of shape and into the inlet port, allowing unmetered air intake, which gives the incorrect airflow meter diagnosis.

13th Jun 2011, 00:47

The diesel injectors pass through the cylinder head and coolant corrodes the head next to injector holes. This isn't repairable and a new head is required. Hence the 9k repair quote.

13th Jul 2011, 05:01

I am thinking about buying a 1998 Holden Jackaroo U8 SE LWB for 4250. Just wanting to know if this sounds a bit cheap? I have noticed a lot of you saying that the check engine light stays on, but it is mainly with the 1999 models. Just wanting to know if there is anything that I should be looking out for before buying it? And are they expensive to fix, as I do not have a lot of money, or is a Pajero the way to go?

10th Oct 2011, 21:03

I have this model & think it's great; only problems so far are the normal wear & tear of a car this age. Yes, things can be costly to fix, but don't quote me on that. Hope this helps.

12th Oct 2011, 07:03

You have torsion bars, which without too much stress will give you an extra 50mm clearance for free. Add on some decent tyres, and hey presto, a go anywhere rig with less weight and more grunt than most.

I have flogged an Isuzu Trooper around Scotland through mud, snow and ice, and am doing the same with a 95 Jack here in Oz. The only mod is Big Bore Rough Dogs and torsion bars wound up.

Been over some torturous terrain, and snatched out some Patrols as well.

Seriously, if you hang up a Jack, you need some more off road experience.

10th Dec 2011, 14:02

Sounds like someone snuck into your engine bay and reversed the throttle cable on ya mate.

13th Dec 2011, 22:04

I too have a 99 petrol Jackaroo with these problems (have not had any other problems with this car, it's been great), which started about 3 years ago about 160k's on the clock (have now done nearly 240k's).

Thanks for all your suggestions on check engine light / surging / idling problems. They were initially very intermittent, with the check engine light coming on with no apparent problems, and would seem to switch off as quick as it came on. After a year or so, it progressively got more frequent with the light coming on, and either mild loss of power, idling problem, surging, and even the occasional complete loss of power on the freeway with the engine making a horrible sucking noise of air and always a terrible smell (could be burnt fuel). If I let the car sit for 15 minutes, and restart, it seems to fix the problem temporarily.

I have replaced the air flow sensor, and the oxygen sensor. The computer is still registering to replace these items, even after they were replaced and the computer reset several times. Mechanic even tried a different oxygen sensor in case it was faulty. There seems to be no damage done to the car with the light on, it just runs rough.

We have spent about $2000 trying to solve the problem from various experts, including Holden giving it a good going over. Not willing to spend much more on it, as found out it is only worth $2500 as a trade in, and mechanics said that I could spend thousands in labour and parts as an elimination type thing, trying to find the problem, which is probably just something small such as an air leak somewhere. VERY FRUSTRATED!!!

Bought a new small car to run around in, and have kept this car for holidays and weekend trips, hoping to find the problem one day! Will try all these suggestions. I think it's a great second car to keep (it's a bit pricey on fuel to drive around now every day).

Does anyone know somewhere I can get a cheap window washer motor from? Dealer said only original available, and it's ridiculously expensive.