30th Jan 2012, 01:14

I have the 97 V6 3.2 petrol - for the last 2.5 years, it has ran fine - bought it with 146k, now at 179k, and it has occasionally had coughing and spluttering on long trips at 100kph towing a light box trailer. 3rd time in almost as many years this has happened, and now it's doing it all the time.

The O2 sensor was apparently the problem - changed that and it got worse (thanks for nothing computer!). Stalling as soon as it gets to operating temperature, and then more coughing and spluttering - then turned to the map sensor - that has not fixed it at all - now I have disconnected the O2 sensor to see what would happen, and it got a lot better, but it's still not right. At least now it doesn't stall - still having surging issues and small backfiring at all different speeds, and usually uphill. Anyone with any thoughts on this?

10th Feb 2012, 05:24

Hi, I have a 1998 3 litre TD Jackaroo, and the oil light comes on and off. I went to Holden, and they told me it was moisture; take it for a drive and that will fix it. The light went away and now it's back. Does anyone have any suggestions?

17th Feb 2012, 22:59

Yes I fixed mine by taking the light bulb out of the dashboard, and hasn't been on since.

6th Aug 2012, 22:32

I have Jackaroo 2000 3.5 petrol, and it is running really well.

The computer analysis is WRONG! I changed the O2 sensor, air flow meter, blah, blah, blah, and then was told to get a replacement computer. I was experiencing engine revving and cutout. Thank heavens I ran into someone clever. He cleaned the THROTTLE BODY. $80.00 and no more problems.

Hope this helps some of you.

23rd Aug 2012, 02:17

Be very careful, I saw my mechanic about one the same model; it's very comfy inside and looks great. The problem is it costs around 10k-12k to replace the motor if anything went wrong with it, and the injectors are 3.3k to fix, so if you have a big bank account, then buy it, or stay away like I did. I'm glad I did.

18th Sep 2012, 05:33

I bought a 98 Jackaroo 2 years ago, and it has been the most capable 4x4 I've had, and I've had plenty.

It tows our 16ft caravan up the beach through soft sand with ease. A little heavy on fuel is my only complaint, but a great car.

26th Apr 2013, 06:54

Yes... I have a 1999 3.5 petrol manual. It has now got 400,000 ks and is still going strong; not an ounce of smoke or oil use.

Engine light fault light came on at about 250,000. The car still goes like a dream.

4th May 2013, 01:02

My 1997 Holden Jackaroo is winding over but won't start.

28th May 2013, 18:57

I had a similar problem with my 1999 model, that is turning over but won't fire up. Took it to an Auto Lec who found that the fuel pump had power going in, but there was no fuel going thru. Replaced the pump $165 aftermarket, and all is well again.

The only other problem I have had is the engine pinging, even under light load. Tried all different fuels and additives, but it still does it. Anyone got any clues?

Tim Beadle.

25th Jun 2013, 23:16

I bought a 1998 Jackaroo 3.5 petrol manual with 180000k on the clock. The check engine light came on shortly after I had put only 2000k on it. Being a computer geek, I started researching online and found plenty of evidence that it's going be MAF sensor, EGR or dirty throttle body. The light starting coming on and going off by itself. Bought a $99 ScanGauge E and read codes P0107 & P0101. Looking to clean the MAF and throttle body, and will report back on how it goes.

17th Aug 2013, 05:47

I've just bought a 1999 3.5 SE Jackaroo (petrol). It runs really well, but the check engine light keeps coming on. I was told to reset it by disconnecting the battery, which works for a time, but the light still comes back on. This seems to be a problem with the '99 Jackaroo from other forums I've read.

17th Aug 2013, 05:54

Yes, can you let us know how it goes, as I have a '99 automatic Jackaroo (petrol) that has the check engine light coming on all the time, and it mostly stays on. I don't want to be spending loads of cash trying to get the problem fixed.

5th Nov 2013, 19:56

I am looking at buying a 2000 V6 Holden Jackaroo. It has 300,000 km on it. Looks good, but the injectors sound noisy. Want to know if it is a good car or not before I buy?

9th Nov 2013, 22:01

Guys, this thread goes back a few years, so if I am going over old ground, it is because I must get a life!

To the guy that removed his check engine bulb, how long has it been since you replaced your air filter? I forgot to replace the sensor plug, and yes the light comes on if the filter needs replacing.

I bought an OBD2 reader and it has saved me heaps. I was 800km from home after doing that amount on a Saturday drive to Exmouth recently (yep, a 99 Jackaroo doing a 3500km trip, easy!!). Sunday morning came, and at 7am the check engine light was on. The problem was the O2 sensor. I cleaned and wriggled the wires, problem solved. Will change it when I get the exhaust done.

Reading lately that catalytic converters should be changed every 80,000km or they become inefficient, and that extra fuel burns and clogs them. Another way to cause problems with it is 4WD'ing. On a 15 year old car, I have taken it over corrugated roads; maybe changing that would solve my lack of power problem? Any other thoughts there? I am not sure if it is a lack of power, or the fact I want more.

It's the most fun I have had out of a car, EVER. If ever I could afford a turbo diesel Landcruiser I MIGHT change, but it would need to be in good condition, these things are pretty good! Cheers.

8th Jan 2014, 22:25

I've had my 98 Jackaroo since new. It's now done 1.3 million kilometers, and has been amazing. I put a brand new 3.5 litre engine in at 1.1 million, as the old engine was using water.

Had all the usual check engine light issues, and have generally found a quick decarbonise of the intake does the trick.

Still on the original diffs and gearbox, although it's a bit noisy in 5th gear; everything still works great.

I put injected LPG on it at about 500k and it's run brilliantly. Actually it never stops; still covers approx 3000k a week, although I think it deserves to be retired soon. A great experience.

2nd Mar 2014, 04:14

I have a 99 Jackaroo 3.5L, check light comes on and off, and also the coolant level in the radiator is dropping everyday, but there are no visible leaks in any hoses, and also the radiator is new. It is not overheating though. I just check the coolant every 2 days and top up. Still runs perfect. Any ideas?

5th Mar 2014, 05:07

How did you manage to get your Jackaroo to last over 1.3 million km?

My Jackaroo is on 300,000km and has coolant leaking out somewhere, there are no visible leaks anywhere, mechanic said he can't find external leaks so he said it must be a head gasket, but the car is not overheating, there is no oil in the water, and it runs as normal, just coolant levels drop after it has been driven around.

Unless it is a gasket leak and it's coming out the exhaust while driving, but it still runs perfect.

Very weird.