Absolute piece of crap - stay away

92 words


Awful waste of money

109 words

Vectra CD 2.0 16v

Nice-ish to drive and look at, but a reliability money pit

326 words

Vectra CD Hatch 2.5 V6

If you want to move up to a sports sedan with low kms for under $20,000, look no further!!

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Vectra GL 2.0

Forget this car in Australia, it's just not suited - buy a Commodore

119 words

Vectra CD 2.0

An expensive mistake

109 words

Vectra CD 2.2 petrol

A great performer at a reasonable price

137 words, 1 comment

Vectra GL 2.0

Having serious doubts about the cars

62 words

Vectra JS 2.2

An extremely bitter lemon

534 words, 86 comments

Vectra GL 2.0 petrol

The high rate of faults is totally unacceptable

418 words

Vectra GL 2.2

Impressive package, pleasure to drive

149 words, 6 comments

Vectra GL 2.0L

55 words, 3 comments

Vectra GL 2.0 16valve

22 words

Vectra GL 2.0 16v petrol

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