16th Apr 2016, 08:55

Try replacing the cam sensor first. If it does not fix it, then it's the ECU; open the ECU and replace the IC 93.67.29 that controls the cam sensor.

Best of luck!!

27th Apr 2016, 02:29

I own a 1999 Vectra. Every time I took the car out, all the dashboard lights would come on. The car itself engine wise was OK, but it was a worry why the lights on the dash kept coming on intermittently. I found out it was the automatic gear box needed servicing. I bought 4L of automatic gear box oil for a Vectra. Drained the old oil, which was filthy. Replaced the oil and the car is running like a dream. I also recommend using premium petrol. It runs so much better on that. The lights don't keep coming on anymore. The oil cost $52.

8th May 2018, 06:07

I have a 1998 Vectra GT, and have just found oil in the throttle body, and after reading this forum, I have had the same issues. Can you please help me out?

8th Jul 2018, 08:57

I'm going to have to give this a shot, thanks mate, you're the first person in forever, well since my missus bought this hunk of junk, that actually has pinpointed at least one of the major issues with this thing!

1st Aug 2018, 00:30

Hi, had the same problem, changed all sensors, still the same problem, and then sprayed carby cleaner around the manifold and was sucking it up. The problem was a faulty gasket; replaced the gasket with double gasket and paste, and now it runs like a rocket for a 2.2 and idles around 650 RPM. The procedure took 1.5 hours to do.

Cheers, John Scibbs.

1st Aug 2018, 00:34

If you're having idle issues, check the manifold gasket. It's most possible your problem in idling is a leaking gasket.

Cheers, John Scibbs.

8th Sep 2018, 23:21

I have a Holden Vectra JS 2001.

I found out it wasn't idling at 1000 RPM; it was idling at 1/2 that, so I adjusted the throttle cable so it idles at 1000 and I haven't had a problem with it stalling.