7th Jun 2006, 01:14

Anyone found a solution regarding what is causing their Vectra's to stall?

20th Aug 2006, 19:42

Yes there is a fix to this problem! Had the same problem with my mum's JR Vectra. It involves cleaning the IAC valve and some other components.

Got this done to mum's car, and two months later, still no stalling! :)

17th Nov 2006, 15:33

I have Vectra 2.0 ecotec 1995.year (180.000km). It runs good. But after warm start it stalls approximately after 1-2 minute. Then after 1 minute it starts good. But again, it stalls second time after 0.5-1 minute. Then again it starts good. And no stalling appears. But problem will be again after a stop for more than 0.5-1 hour. Again stalling will bee twice. When I begin drive with cold motor there are no problems. ECU show fault codes for speed sensor and camshaft sensor.

29th Nov 2006, 03:40

About a month ago I bought 1998 Vectra 2.2 CD sedan, auto, with 83000Km on the clock. I had it immediately serviced, and had the timing belt and its associated bits and pieces done. I also had the water pump replaced. About a week after I bought the car, the engine light came on. I took the car to a Holden dealer, who said the brake and camshaft sensors were at fault, so they were done. However, the engine light was still coming on. So I took it to another Holden dealer, who said the ECU was at fault. Fine, so I had that done. However, engine light is STILL on. Then this dealer rang me today and said the light was on because the timing belt needs changing. Then I pointed out that the belt has been done recently. Now they seem to have no idea what the problem may be. Any ideas, anyone? Anyway, as soon as this is fixed, I shall be trading this car in for a Honda or Subaru. I should also have listened to my mechanic brother (who works in Germany), when he said "Never trust anything designed by Opel".

27th Dec 2006, 19:15

Ah yes I have a twice replaced cam-angle sensor to stop the JR CD model Vectra 1998 imported model from stalling, as well as the twice replaced cam-belt (in one year) Jan 06 and Dec 06 - today in fact my dark red paper weight is awaiting its quote for repair - this one caused by the water pump crapping itself - imagine that the water pump craps itself and BANG the timing belt and inlet valves all go out in sympathy - sometimes you should take notice of warnings in my case while awaiting delivery the wharf was on strike and the car was not able to be moved. I do know the value of hind-sight now its the cost of two cam-angle sensors & two cam belts and one water pump totalled. Alas I do know where I'll never buy again.

6th Mar 2007, 06:34

I currently have a 1999 Vectra and as with a lot of you I am having major problems. The car was great for 18 months and then 2 months ago I had to have the IAC valve replaced after the car continually stalled. About a month later the car would intermittently not start so the mechanic had the car for 3 weeks in which time he was unable to pin point the problem. The car was then passed on to Holden who say it needs a replacement control panel at a cost of $2500.

Has anyone else had this part replaced and was the cost comparable?

As for those few people on this forum who say the car is good- I am glad that you have had a good experience, but obviously your cars are the exception not the rule.

10th Mar 2007, 16:42

I was looking up this forum to find out about the CENTRAL LOCKING problem I currently have with my 1998 Vectra JS II.

I bought it when new and have done over 293,000 km. I did have some stalling problems a few months ago - but I believe that was due to the cheaper petrol I filled up with when in Melbourne.

Has any one any idea how to fix the CENTRAL LOCKING problem. The car indicator lights still respond when using the control on the key - but I can't open any doors except the Driver Door and Boot (by key only). All other doors can't be open - even from the inside.

Any help is much appreciated.

Needless to say - that after over 293,000 km I love that car and had great runs up in Northern Territory with 3 adults and speed over 200km/hr.

2nd Oct 2007, 06:43

Hi. I bought a 2001 JSII 2.6 v6 hatch when it had done about 60,000km, and it has been a fantastic car for me until recently.

It's now done about 80,000 and the left front indicator gets stuck on sometimes, and the drivers auto window gets about halfway up and then goes back down again.

But I now have bigger problems; over the last couple of days the car hasn't been starting, and when it has it cuts out after just a short while. I wouldn't call it "stalling" it just cuts out like someone took the key out. It did it to us twice at a busy intersection. I love my Vectra and I would love to fix this problem, but it is proving very difficult to find. Can anyone help me out?

24th Oct 2007, 19:40

Oil is leaking in to the coolant... Help no one seems to know why.

11th Jan 2008, 00:57

What can I add, this would have to be the worst car that I have ever owned. All the problems mentioned.

I just got off the phone to my local Holden dealer, who assure me that they have never heard of the Vectras having problems of this nature. I think I will print this long list off and take it with me to the dealership.

12th Jan 2008, 12:49


And they once said that LADAs were bad...

I've been seeing a very sexy lady for a few months on and off.

She has a lousy car... a Holden Vectra '97 JR 2Ltr.

Now this girl is VERY independent, so I was taken aback when I received an email with a link to this forum thread, along with a request to have a look at it for her.

Fortunately, I have a trade background in an allied area, and had even done tertiary units on emission controls and auto electrics.

I had only been a passenger in her car once, and was quite shocked at the cacophony that the car made.

7 hours under the hood, I managed to stop the car cutting out at idle and whilst driving, and I also stopped engine warning lights coming on.

It would not rev past 2500 rpm under any circumstances, but after removing and cleaning the throttle body / de-icer unit I managed to get it to idle smoothly, but for the life of me I cannot get this car to accelerate. Before it took 90 seconds to reach 60 KPH, and now it takes 45 seconds, which sucks.

It will rev to 4250 RPM down a very long and very steep hill.

RE: The Vectra, I have never encountered such a piece of crap.

I have read page after page of forum comments from owners so desperate for help, yet like the girlie I know, they are told to fork out $1000 for a new computer.

How could a car be sold that has page after page of design faults?

Dealers stating that they have no other cases of the issues.

Personally, I doubt I'd buy a new car after seeing a manufacturer sell a car like the Vectra.

I have to finish by saying to General Motors Holden...

Shame on you. Shame Shame Shame.

Like many others, I will never own any of your products.