14th Jan 2008, 01:52

I purchased a 98 model in early 2007.

It's OK; the window handle was stiff and the window kept sliding down when driving, so I went to get it fixed and one simple part was $400.

Also, the car began stalling, but only for a short while, and my dad fixed it, I think he just altered with the timing and it's great now.

I don't even know if it has air conditioning as the button doesn't really work/light up, so I don't know what that's all about.

I haven't had it serviced yet. I think it's about 150,000 km or something maybe lower... again I probably wouldn't get another, but this time round it was in my budget and for the meantime it's treating me well :-)

11th Jan 2009, 04:46

Yes, I agree.

11th Jan 2009, 04:48

I have owned a vectra wagon since new. I now have rust in the tail gate. Has anyone else had this problem?

18th Jan 2009, 19:46

I bought 1998 Vectra 3 years ago with 47000km on the clock and have had nothing but problems ever since.

The clock has never worked. The Holden dealer refused to fix under warranty and quoted $670 (plus fitting) to fix it. Went to K-Mart and bought a $10 stick on. Does the same job.

At 50,000 the rocker cover started leaking oil. This was fixed under warranty.

60,000 The timing belt was replaced. This was done again at 75,000, as the original was faulty.

At the same time the car started leaking coolant & oil when left overnight in Winter, and I was advised by my mechanic, due to the cost involved, to leave this until it became extremely bad. It's now leaking overnight all year, so it looks like this will need to be done soon.

It continually idles roughly, even after Servicing & will stall at any time. Thankfully it has never happened in a dangerous situation, so I have been lucky. Three mechanics have been unable to diagnose this problem.

In the last 2 months it will not accelerate past 4500 rpm, and uses twice the fuel. I have had this investigated, replacing the fuel flow meter, which changed nothing costing $560.00). It appears that no one can diagnose this problem either.

Aside from these problems, there are annoying rattles from the body, the remote locks work periodically only, and there is a water leak into the cabin. I have not been able to locate the leak, but you can smell the wet carpet every time it rains.

It's got the the point now, that, I can't even be bothered to repair anything, and when the Rego expires in June the car will be dumped. I would not be able to sleep if I sold the car to anyone. It has certainly been an expensive ($15,000) lesson, and will never by anything from Holden again.

12th Feb 2009, 21:09

If these comments about the Vectra were not true, it would be amusing reading!!! Sadly I've suffered almost all of them, on my wife's 1999 CD Vectra, it now done 260,000 km.

You may well ask how did you suffer it so long. If I had not been in the motor trade for some 13 years, previously, believe me it would have been traded at around 70,000 km. In particular, after having the idle valve replaced after countless dangerous experiences with the engine cutting out in heavy stop start traffic conditions, the repair having a very temporary repair effect at an extremely high cost (not happy).

Now here is the fix, that should eliminate this problem completely, and why at 260,000 km/h I haven't set fire to it. Take your vehicle to a competent mechanic, have him/her disconnect the idle valve by removing the plug, with this disconnected have him/her increase the base idle of the vehicle to 550 RPM. on the throttle butterfly stop screw. (Under normal dealer settings, when this plug is removed the engine will stall as there is no base idle, as the throttle vale is completely shut and relies on the throttle valve to manage base idle via the computer), this is approximately 200 Rpm. below normal idle speed.

Once this procedure has been carried out, reconnect the idle valve plug. You should now have a car that you no longer want take to with a large hammer. Happy motoring!!!

21st Apr 2009, 23:04

I have a Vectra 97, 160,000Km.

I have the stalling problem as well.

I checked a lot of references and found out it is a common issue. And the solution is regarding throttle body clean up and IACV clean or replacement.

Anyone who can recommend where to fix or who can fix?

Really do not want to go to the dealer.

I live in Ryde, Sydney.


19th Jun 2009, 01:49

I too have a Holden Vectra - 2.2 ltr 1998 Station Wagon.

I've come to this forum to look for some solutions, comments, and suggestions about the car. And I share the same feeling... wish I had seen this site before I purchased it. Bugger... makes me want to trade it in for a better one already. No wonder I don't see much of Vectras on the road. And to think I had some faith with German technology. I might have even bought this car from some of the people who have been putting comments in this forum.

As I'm typing this comment, I've experienced 8 stalling instances, but thankfully not on the freeway yet. Bought the car around March 2008 and the erratic idling and stalling problems just started to come out lately.

So, can anyone recommend where I can have this car serviced here in Perth? Just post your advice here as I'll be checking this site every now and then. Thanks.

6th Aug 2009, 23:29

For idling problems: Check your IAC (idle air control) if need changing.

For Limp mode, stuck on gear 3 and speedo gauge dancing up and down: Check your alternator if needs changing.

I hope it fixes your problems hehehe.


17th Oct 2009, 02:01

We have a 98 CD Vectra and have had the rough idle problem, but I fixed that easily by cleaning out the carb and IAC valve. Have done 40,000k with no problems, but now the engine light has started to come on and sometimes the car won't start? It also resets the clock and CD player.

If anyone has this same symptom, have you found a fix?

Apart from this issue, we've found the Vectra to be a great car, comfy, economical, good power and solid not like the usual Japanese crap in the price range.

28th Oct 2009, 19:27

Hi, I was looking at possibly buying a Vectra tomorrow, but I don't think I'll bother now! Thanks for all the advice.


27th Nov 2009, 17:32

Our 1997 Vectra is by far the most unreliable vehicle we have owned over the last 25 years. After spending a fortune on the stalling problem (which is dangerous) it is still stalling daily. Have had almost all problems listed above. Will take some of this advice to my mechanic for one last go. If it stalls after that, I will post the Youtube link on this site showing the Vectra being blown up.

18th Dec 2009, 17:30

This car is a lemon. I bought it as I liked the look of it, and I thought Holden had a good name, but it was the worst car I have ever owned. I will never touch Holden again.

It always had some kind of mechanical/electrical problem, but the stalling was the worst and scariest; it took months of going back and forth to try and fix the problem, and lots of money to get it right. There was always something going wrong with it, and I could not get it right to sell it as something else would go wrong. Final straw, the head gasket problem solved.