Vectra CDxI 3.2

Outstanding value for the money, but check the service records

111 words

Vectra CDX 3.2 V6

European dynamics, Korean trim quality

120 words

Vectra CDXi 3.2V6

A classy euro hatch with a Holden badge

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Vectra CDXi 3.2 V6

Understated euro sports hatch

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Vectra CDXI 3.2 V6

Great performance

151 words, 2 comments

Vectra CD 2.2 Litre

Rep Racer!!

78 words, 3 comments

Vectra CDX Hatchback 3.2 V6

A vehicle this good with a more prestigious badge would sell for 50percent more

266 words, 1 comment

Vectra CDX 3.2 V6

Prestige quality at a Holden price

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