2007 Honda Civic VTI 1.8


Looks fantastic and drives well


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

The car looks great inside/out, and handles the road well. It is also pretty powerful for the 1.8L engine.

Nice extras for a standard model - just to name a few: power windows, cruse control etc.

The only thing I am concerned about though, is that the engine is making strange electronic noise when accelerating. It sounds like alternator going off. I can't recall whether it was making that noise when I first bought it.

The acceleration itself is also a bit noisy for a brand new car; it certainly wasn't at first, but I've only done 300km on this car. I don't mind all this given it is all normal for this model.

Also the engine starts on high revs when the car hasn't been driven for a few hours, even in warm weather. I will address these issues at the first service. I hope it is just me being paranoid.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2007

9th Sep 2007, 07:02

Hi, I own a 2006 Honda Civic VTI-L. The noise you are describing is a newly built engine still running in. (Mine did the same and stopped around 2 to 3 thousand Km's.).

Treat it very gently in the run in period and your car will give you years of trouble free motoring. Nothing has gone wrong with ours, and we have owned it for 1 year. (Have done 9500 km's at the time of writing this).

24th Sep 2007, 19:44

Thanks for your comment. I mentioned that noise on my first service and Honda replaced a power steering pump which is designed to assist the power steering. The noise is still there so I guess they replaced that part for no reason just to shut me up (customer is always right).

25th Dec 2007, 15:04

Model: 2007 civic vti auto.

Usage: 7000km in 2 months.

Impressive fuel economy especially on highway is only matched by its refined drive train. The engine turning just over 1700rpm @ 100km/hr when coupled to the auto. Affording both exceptional economy and little to none engine noise. In fact the only thing audible on highway speed is some wind noise from the outside rear view mirror and minimal tyre droning when the radio is off.

Clever packaging liberate much interior room for passengers and cargo. Light gray upholstery could be easily marked. Soft touch plastic on the chunky steering wheel and gear knob help elevate sense of material quality.

Auto transmission makes a disturbing loud click when shifting from Park to drive and vice versa. Otherwise shift quality is impeccable. Its smart 5 speed auto will adapt to my varying driving condition through shift timing and point. Accounting for gradient, engine load and throttle input.