11th Jan 2008, 15:20

I agree with the click sound when changing into reverse. I have no problem with this.

This Civic is a fantastic car. It great looks inside and out, has tremendous road handling, a smooth auto transmission and a peppy and eager engine that is frugal on petrol.

A real winner.

17th Feb 2008, 05:38

Hello there.

I have an 07 march build Vti sedan 5spd auto, the clicking from the transmission happened since day one. We've come to dismiss it as a design fault. However, in regards to the trim and interior, it looks great and gives a quality impression the first time around. however after 7000kms with no real outdoor exposure (the car is garaged and I work where there is basement parking) the front passengers window fell off its socket. It had rattling problems from the left front door from about the last 2000kms. just be aware that the rattling may be your window regulator giving way. Another complaint would also be the vinyl trim on the door edges which already shows signs of peeling. Small problems, which somewhat tarnish a good value car.


26th Feb 2008, 04:50

Hi all.

An update on the original review after the 10,000 kms dealership service.

- The dealership attempted to fix squeaks and rattles coming from the radio/ac panel, steering wheel area and the top dashboard area. It was found most of the sound was caused by an aftermarket alarm not being fitted properly (bits and pieces rattling inside the dash). After 2 days of driving the car seems to be relatively quiet and I hope the problem is permanently fixed!

Observations so far:

- Bonnet seems to attract stone chips (even though a bonnet protector is fitted)

- radio reception is average due to the built-in rear window antenna (a conventional or "bee-sting" antenna would be better - like on the Civic Hybrid)

- interior soft trim scratches easily (be careful!)

- Tyre wear is minimal so far

- 5 speed auto-transmission seems to be intelligent and down-shifts to the correct gear when slowing down.

- after getting used to the 2-tier dash, don't like driving cars with the normal analog speedometer any more

- a trunk release button on the remote key-fob would be handy (although this is available in some other markets)


I recently drove a rental 2006 model Toyota Corolla sedan for a few days (not the all new 2007/8 model) and this made me appreciate how nice, modern and functional the interior of the Civic sedan is. So when shopping for a new car, make sure you test-drive the Civic.