Carnival Classic 2.4

Efficient, economical, safe

210 words

Carnival 2.5 V6

Dangerous engine eating LEMON. These cars should be banned on Australian Roads

234 words, 6 comments

Carnival Classic 2.5 V6 petrol

A cheap to purchase, underpowered people mover with lots of comfort, but can have major motor proble

464 words, 2 comments

Carnival LS 2.6

Completely liability financially

69 words

Carnival LS 2.5

Never to buy one again!

51 words, 1 comment

Carnival LS 2.4 V6

Not bad for a large family

206 words


A big fat lemon

55 words

Carnival LS 2.5L V6

REMEMBER: Carnivals are run by Carny folk..

377 words, 33 comments

Carnival LS 2.5

Reasonable value for money spent

167 words

Carnival LS 2.5 V6 petrol

Good car for budget conscious growing families

260 words

Carnival LS V6

Affordable, comfortable and stylish

304 words, 3 comments

Carnival LS 2.6 V6

You almost get what you deserve

66 words, 5 comments

Carnival LS V6 2.5 litre petrol

You get what you pay for - for a SUV it's fairly good value

176 words

Carnival LS 2.6

KIA Carnival stinks

98 words

Carnival LS 2.5 petrol

This car is a lemon

159 words, 10 comments