Mini LS 998


158 words

Mini leyland s 1.0

Cheap runaround

26 words


Mini 1 litre

Small, cute, top fun to drive and cheap!!

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Mini Clubman 99H

An Aussie version of the original small car. Fun!

75 words

Mini 1.0

A fun car with character

234 words

Mini Clubman 1.0

Awesome fun to drive and cheap to run!

126 words

Mini Clubman 1.0

Great for the price

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Mini S 998 cc

Fun car, it felt like you were driving a go cart at high speeds

112 words, 1 comment


Mini S 1.0 carburettored petrol

Sometimes testing, but she always brings a smile to my face

774 words, 2 comments


Mini Clubman 1.14 petrol

Great car gets looks

81 words, 1 comment


Mini Austin 998 cc

Good enough car for it time, probably not suitable for conditions, but tough enough if driven well

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