Eunos 30X 1.8ltr V6

I did have a civic so this is a dream car!

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Eunos 30X KG 1.8 V6

Grossly underrated - and many can't believe that there is any such thing as a 1.8 V6

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Eunos 30X Sports Luxury 1.8 V6

Sexy little coupe that's built like a tank

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Eunos 30X Sport 1.8L 24v V6 EFI

Something that you can really punt!

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Eunos 30X Sport 1.8L V6

Fantastic fun at a bargain price

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Eunos 30X Coupe 1.8

Sporty, but expensive to fix

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Eunos 30X 1.8L V6 Quad Cam, Variable induction

A a much better car that I first expected, Stable, Sporty, Economical and Reliable, Just great

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Eunos 30X 1.8 V6

Excellent affordable sports car

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Eunos 30X 1.8 6 cylinder

Brilliant car while working, great handling

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Eunos 30X 1.8 V6

Good little car. Expensive to maintain

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Eunos 30X 1.8L V6

The sexy, small rocket

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Eunos 30X 30X V6

Very Troublesome, but sexy

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