1996 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S280 petrol


Big, comfortable... a real head turner around town.


Nothing has gone wrong for myself or the previous NZ owner of this car. It has an impeccable service history both from Singe and NZ.

Bought this car after much deliberation. Being ex-Singapore I had been warned that the electrics may have issues due to the humidity. Had this checked out and so far everything is in good working condition.

General Comments:

Having driven far smaller and quicker cars in the past, driving this "tank" has been a new experience. It takes a whole different style of driving to really appreciate its ride and handling. Slow and unhurried comes to mind... but put pedal to metal and it just takes off...

So spacious, beautiful leather seats with the most amazing controls. Recently sat in a friend's C200K and the seat adjustments were nowhere near as accommodating as the S280s.

I bought a 10-year-old car for $NZ8500 which has all the features of a current new car that could have set me back maybe $NZ30-$NZ40,000 ... and it's ruby red!! Some what more character than silver or black,

It's a huge jump from my previous car (which my daughter has inherited) which was a 1300cc 95 Ford Laser.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2007

1st Aug 2007, 23:55

Found out it is actually manufactured in 1997, and first registered in Singapore mid 1998.

Also must admit that two things have gone wrong... a blown park lamp that cost $2 to replace and the rear air blower positioned between the front seats doesn't shut all the way off... lol real big deals!

Love the Parktronic as we have a small garage and she only just fits. Also was told I would need to spend over $NZ100,000 to buy a new car with all the features the S280 has, not $30-$40,000 as stated above...

Will add more comments when and if anything changes...