10th Jan 2008, 02:14

UPDATE: Had to have air flow sensor replaced $700 from Bosch Australia, as opposed to $1200 from Coutts Mercedes in Auckland... that is a huge mark up! Have found it cheaper to source own replacement parts like brake pads, air filters, and wiper blades etc as they work out to be less than 1/2 the price Coutts Mercedes etc charge...

27th Nov 2010, 14:45

Have now owned this car for three years. Have had quite a few minor things go wrong, all easily repairable, but some not so cheap.

Lucky for me, I have a comprehensive warranty that covers mechanical and electrical breakdowns. I would advise anyone considering buying an older luxury vehicle to do the same.

Latest work to be done was ball joints. Both left and right. Had them rebuilt. This was most likely caused by the shocking state of our roads.

Year ago traction control went, brakes stayed on. Replaced a solenoid, no idea how much it cost, fully covered by warranty.

Two years ago pump under rear seat packed it in. This controls central locking, windows, air vents, lumbar supports, and a few other operations. This was a major drama as local sparkie had no idea what was what. Finding replacement pump was easy and only few hundy. Again covered by warranty.

Three years ago oil cooling unit was replaced and all radiator piping, and a new radiator core as oil from cooling unit had leaked into it. Not sure on cost, but it was messy.

Water pump started leaking, had to be replaced. Few hundred dollars from Startech. Was covered by warranty.

Replaced sway bars and bushes as sick of constant tok tok noise while driving on our bumpy third world roads. Also replaced front shocks. Bars and bushes were few hundy. Shocks were $125 each from Startech in Auckland. Biltsteins near new.

Had two ignition coils crack. Car sounded like a tank but was still drivable.

Other small problems have been cable on bonnet opening device snapped. Driver's door lock broke.

The car has cost me very little, and parts have been easy to source. An extended warranty has been the key.

Next major job will be the drive coupling, as it is rubber and starting to harden and perish like the bushes on the sway bars.

One last thing, the gearbox is starting to get a bit clunky at times. Replacement is more than car is worth, so unless I win Lotto, she'll be off the road for a while.