2008 Mitsubishi 380 Series III 3.8


Great value, comfort and performance; buy one if the price is right


The engine has a ticking noise that kicks in once warm; the dealer didn't know what caused it.

The brakes have a bad shudder when pushed hard or long down hills, but since I don't concern myself too much with car maintenance, I haven't had the discs machined.

Two of the power windows have failed (still got to get them fixed).

The engine uses oil, so you need to keep an eye on the oil level.

Otherwise, no problems in 75000km = now at 115000.

General Comments:

Cars generally improve, but age for age, I think my TP 1990 Magna was a better car. You may laugh, but I doubt I'll ever own a better car - 350,000 km, hardly ever serviced, owned it for 20 years, never spent a cent on it, and it never let me down despite years of abuse.

As for my 380, it's very good except for the faults listed above.

Great value too; paid $13,800 with 40000 and only 2 years old

Great performance and very smooth auto - Commodores should use this transmission!

I regularly drive many cars, and rate the 380 as more comfortable than a Falcon, Commodore, Aurion or Camry.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2012

2007 Mitsubishi 380 SX 3.8L


The car is way underrated - it's an excellent drive and fantastic value


Driver electronic window refused to work - fixed by itself after a day, problem never resurfaced (!?)

Cruise control sometimes goes nuts when switching back on.

The tiptronic gear changes are lagging (takes half a second or more for the gear change to start).

General Comments:

I haven't had any major problems in this past few years with it, it just goes, and goes very well. The power is readily available at lower revs. It's very comfortable to use the car in 3rd everywhere in city (sadly it automatically changes back to 1st when stopped - it could easily start in 3rd no problems).

Climbing hills on the freeway is effortless, although on steep inclines the cruise control changes back to 4th to keep up with the set speed, then back then down again... but it's of no consequence. On good tyres - and dry conditions - the car can accelerate out on full throttle without wheel spin from a standing start. Only really sporty cars can keep up. :)

The automatic gearbox is smooth, and does a good job.

The handling is exceptional for such a big car. You need to get a good set of rubber on it, though.

The only annoying thing is the slow tiptronic gear changes; I can easily initiate two downshifts before even the first would start to happen. So it's not what you'd call responsive.

Another annoyance is that the cruise control sometimes goes way over the set speed when re-enabling (and I mean *way* over, like 130+ for a set 110), but it goes back afterwards.

There's plenty of space inside, and the only problems are the lack of a few extras; climate control (only air con) and passenger side electronic seat controls. The boot space is huge for a sedan, putting really large things in may be a problem though.

The stereo is good enough quality, the CD changer is nice, the 6 speakers can deliver enough of the power - but modern people will miss a USB or Bluetooth connection.

All in all, the car is an unassuming, but very grunty and agile thing, with good comforts. Big thumbs up!

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Review Date: 5th March, 2012

19th Mar 2012, 08:34

I am the owner of a Mitsubishi 380 VRX, model year 2005. This vehicle was purchased in 2006 as a demo vehicle, and had just turned over 10,000 KM. I have owned Holdens, Falcons, and Magnas prior to purchasing the 380.

The vehicle has now done over 100,000 KM, and I have been very pleased with its reliability, comfort, handling, braking, transmission, and its impressive engine performance.

The only criticism I would have is the fuel consumption is a little high around town. Also in the cooler months, there is some engine lifter ticking, which disappears once the engine has warmed up. Despite this, like many others, I do believe it is an underrated car. Some criticism about it being a cardigan drivers car is more often voiced, by those that have never driven a 380, to enable them to make a fair assessment.

I would definitely buy another Mitsubishi.