2007 Mitsubishi 380 SX 3.8 V6


Bargin reliable large car motoring


Driver's side rear window came off track and fell into the door cavity.

Transmission jerks a little at low speeds when shifting up.

General Comments:

Fantastic car to own and drive. I purchased two of these for our business, each with 33K on the clock, barely 18 months old and for half the original price when new! Being ex rentals, they certainly wouldn't have had the most cosseted life, but at least they were serviced religiously.

In the 18 months we've had them, they've been faultless really. The only issue being a rear window collapsing into the door. Strange, but both cars did this, and on the same door!

Very smooth and quiet to ride in, with very comfy seats and plenty of power.

Handling is also excellent for a powerful front wheel drive car, however traction is easily lost in the wet.

Plenty of standard equipment being the SX model - 17" alloy wheels, climate control, 6 stack CD with MP3, auto lights off, traction control, steering wheel controls, plenty of airbags, electric drivers seat, plus a host of customisable options through the on-screen menu at the top of the dash.

5 speed automatic with tiptronic is great.

Average 550km per tank at around 60L.

The only real let down is the plastics used in the dash construction and on the door tops, which in my eyes looks almost malformed. It's quite different from conventional patterns used in many other makes, although the texture is soft to the touch. I guess a dashmat could address that issue. They also put a large rubber strip around the instrument cluster, which looks rather cheap and fitted as an afterthought.

A split fold rear seat would have been preferred, and of course large objects tend to hit the bottoms of the speakers in the boot when you try to load them.

As far as company workhorses go, these cars have been great, and have been an excellent bargain to boot. Would thoroughly recommend, especially now as prices are stupidly cheap.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2010

1st Oct 2010, 22:07

Forgot to add to original post:


Excellent headlights both low and high beam.

Very solid build quality feel.

Instrument cluster itself is attractive and has been commented on by friends.


Poor turning circle makes parking more difficult.

Rear vision is compromised with the high boot line.

2007 Mitsubishi 380 GT


If we can get the current driveline issue sorted, the car may end up being quite good


Incomplete ventilation system from the factory (missed quality controls).

Warped plastic on dash.

Badly fitting plastic on driver's A pillar.

Faulty rear demister.

Driveline noise than cannot be identified by dealer (after 6 visits).

CD player failed to eject disks - fixed myself.

General Comments:

Solid build but niggly quality control issues, and interior quality not as good as it should have been.

Engine has good torque and reasonable power. Handling is excellent for the size of the car.

However, a few too many issues to make the ownership experience positive. Luckily most people seem to have had a better run than us.

Should have bought a Toyota, but the 380 had the better handling. An Aurion with the 380s handling would have the perfect front driver.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2009

11th Feb 2015, 11:55

I have read that the driveline noise could be the tyres at a certain distance traveled; change them to new tyres and the problem is fixed, I am now driving my second 380; the first did over 90,000km without any issues at all, none. The new one I bought a month ago has 36000km and drives beautifully, no issues whatsoever. I love the 380, it is the best Australian car ever built.

2007 Mitsubishi 380 SX 3.8 litre V6 petrol


A truly unknown gem!


Drivers power window failed.

Uses a tad bit of oil between services.. but that's to be expected.

General Comments:

What a car! Stepping from my VZ Commodore to this, I was expecting much of the same with a different badge on the bonnet. Of course the poor reception from the public did my opinion no good, but I decided to give the 380 a go purely on value, and I am extremely glad I did.

Mine being the Series 3 SX variant, means it gets all the suspension, tyre package and strut brace from the VRX, with a slightly more subtle body kit, in the very lovely Electro blue colour.

Inside it gets everything a GT does with the exception of a sunroof and leather.

The 3.8 sounds sweet as, and has plenty of power anywhere in the rev range (outpowers the VE SV6 I drove below 4000rpm, and it's easily as competent as the Aurion till 3500-4000rpm) and the 5 speed auto is quite a sweet thing, if not a bit docile on dropping down a few cogs... I have heard from various sources these motors actually produce 195kw or thereabouts, Mitsubishi only underestimate the power output so people don't think it's a fuel guzzler, feel free to comment on that, I'm keen on knowing as I have given my mates MANUAL VE SV6 ute a good run for its money.

Handling wise I am completely astounded by how it turns in as willingly, if not more so than my Commodore (which is fitted with FE2 suspension and wider tyres). Under steer is evident of course, but not like FWD cars of old, this ones a pearler in the corners. I recall Wheels magazine saying the rear end is even willing to step out if provoked enough, and I can confirm, yes, it will.

The quality of the whole car is undoubtedly Australian, but one of the finest examples, I think on par with that of the Aurion (which I believe aren't all that well put together for a Toyota).

Overall I am just so disappointed that this car isn't being built any more, if it had a Holden or Ford badge, it would have sold in massive numbers. Feel free to comment!

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2009

3rd May 2009, 09:18

Just purchased a 11/2007 380 SX, loving it. I have gone through 3 tanks of fuel, all three over 600km and averaging abount 10 to 10.5 litres per 100 km with a good mix of driving.

14th Sep 2009, 05:42

Why do you think it is OK to use a bit of oil - I don't understand.

I have a 380 series III, and I think it is the best car I have ever driven - I just adore it, but it has just, from about 70,000km onwards started using about 1 L of oil per 7,500, and it is worrying me (I have just had the 82500 service). The Mitsubishi service agent doesn't seem to know why, and really aren't prepared to look at the problem, but I would like someone out there to try to explain why this is happening, and should I expect it to get worse???