2000 Mitsubishi Diamante SEi 3.5 V 6


Great car, nice ride


Totally perfect; everything works.

When I bought in October 2005. I received all service records; it was an ex company car.

I replaced all fluids (oil, transmission oil, water and brakes), fitted new pads all round, the rears I believe were original. In NZ our cars are tested each 6 months; my tester says it is mint.

I love it, it's the best car I have owned.

I still have my 9 year old Daewoo wagon for a runabout and shopping, but wouldn't go on the highway, no way.

General Comments:

The Diamanti SEi is Australian built; it's heavy on gas around town or towing.

But come to a trip, it comes into it's own, cruise at 100 or 105km's, and the computer shows 9.7 ltrs per 100k's with the air con on.

The cruise control is better than a Playstation.

Power for passing is first class.

I cannot believe the negative comments on these cars; two friends have older ones with high Kms and they love them too.

Love the leather, the sound system, the big boot (trunk).

This was a $50K plus car new in 2001. I paid under $10k in 2005; what a deal.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2008

8th Feb 2008, 05:14

Most of the negative comments about the Magna/Diamante come from people in the US, not Australia or NZ.

The single biggest complaint relates to leaking heater cores. Never heard of this problem here in Australia. It might have something to do with the severe winter weather common in the US that we are fortunate not to have with our mild winters, so the issue of antifreeze and heater cores is not much of a problem in our part of the world.

The only problem I have had with my 1999 Magna that is common to the American drivers complaining, is that of the antenna breaking. In my case only the mast broke, but my mechanic ordered one in and the next day fitted it in 10 minutes, total cost $50.

Overall, little has gone wrong with my Magna in 2 years of ownership. A pleasure to drive and excellent value on the used car market. You did well for getting yours for under $10K.

14th Jun 2010, 01:26

Not true. Mine has gone great. And that is why you never let the dealer look after a good car.

The reason the cars are cheap is because they are, catch up on repairs. But the simple thing is just keep on servicing it, and replace the odd part with generic.

To trash a car that has good comments from NZ and OZ is not needed.


27th Nov 2010, 22:51

I own a 2003 Diamante/Verada GTVi, and after previously owning the late model Commodore and Fairmont alternatives, I was worried that another Australian assembled car would give me endless grief; it hasn't.

The Commodore's engine was extremely coarse, the noise was intrusive, the auto was tragic, NEVER in the right gear at any stage, and when asked to kick down, would take an age.

The Fairmont's drivetrain was only slightly better; the auto only seemed better because of the bigger torque reserves.

The independent rear in the Holden was shocking, they had no camber adjustment, which meant new tires every 6 months, and the wear was restricted to the very inside 10 mils, so you had no idea they were worn.

The Fairmont's electrics were poor, replacing window regulators and door locks constantly.

It's no wonder something like 40% of new Commodores and Falcons have problems in their warranty period.

Save yourself the hassle, My Diamante goes harder, has a brilliant auto, full of fruit and it all still works.. Maybe the journalists should write about owner experiences after a few k's, but then again, I think you're born into either the blue camp or the red camp over there.