14th Jun 2010, 01:26

Not true. Mine has gone great. And that is why you never let the dealer look after a good car.

The reason the cars are cheap is because they are, catch up on repairs. But the simple thing is just keep on servicing it, and replace the odd part with generic.

To trash a car that has good comments from NZ and OZ is not needed.


27th Nov 2010, 22:51

I own a 2003 Diamante/Verada GTVi, and after previously owning the late model Commodore and Fairmont alternatives, I was worried that another Australian assembled car would give me endless grief; it hasn't.

The Commodore's engine was extremely coarse, the noise was intrusive, the auto was tragic, NEVER in the right gear at any stage, and when asked to kick down, would take an age.

The Fairmont's drivetrain was only slightly better; the auto only seemed better because of the bigger torque reserves.

The independent rear in the Holden was shocking, they had no camber adjustment, which meant new tires every 6 months, and the wear was restricted to the very inside 10 mils, so you had no idea they were worn.

The Fairmont's electrics were poor, replacing window regulators and door locks constantly.

It's no wonder something like 40% of new Commodores and Falcons have problems in their warranty period.

Save yourself the hassle, My Diamante goes harder, has a brilliant auto, full of fruit and it all still works.. Maybe the journalists should write about owner experiences after a few k's, but then again, I think you're born into either the blue camp or the red camp over there.

3rd Oct 2015, 04:50

I recently bought a deceased estate Mitsubishi Diamante 2000 3.5 litre in near mint condition with 94000 km for $1800, with near new tires fitted and a cam belt replacement done... what a find.

It's a wonderful car to drive. I call it my Sunday car as I use it for mostly highway and weekend driving. I have a Honda Domani for work, supermarket etc...

On purchase, I had the oil changed and the car checked over, and so far it has no faults to speak of...