Magna Exec 2.6 carb

Built Well and Reliable despite its initial reputation.

61 words

Magna Elite 2.6 ECI Multi

S@*t of a car

85 words

Magna Executive 2.6 Carby 4 cylinder

Don't waste your time with this piece of Mitsubishi crap

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Magna 2.6ltr carburetter

Bullet like performance and reliability to match

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Magna Elite 2.6

A bargain for cheap motoring

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Magna GLX station wagon 2.6 litres petrol

Choose a used 1 very carefully and service regulary

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Magna TN GLX 2.6L Astron

Not bad considering it has a sigma motor!

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Magna SE 2.6 EFI petrol

A cheap reliable bargain

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