Magna Elite 2.6 ECI

Nice car, if you can afford to keep it going

188 words

Magna TP

An utterly frustrating waste of time and space

201 words, 13 comments

Magna SE 2.6 Litre EFI

Look after it, and it will go and go and go

197 words

Magna GLX Astron2 2.6L carb

Affordable, yet overlooked

324 words

Magna Executive 2.6 EFI

Spacious and competent, but no driver's car

122 words, 1 comment

Magna Elite 2.6 fuel injected

Value for money and reliable

291 words, 1 comment

Magna GLX 2.6 Astron 2

A tidy first vehicle at an affordable price

73 words

Magna TP SE 2.6 EFI

A bargain priced gem if well maintained

208 words, 2 comments

Magna GLX 2.6 petrol

One of the best made wagons in Australia

87 words

Magna TP SE 2.6 litre 4 cylinder

Superb, bargain-priced, reliable luxury!

375 words

Magna Executive 2.6 Astron

Good buy

52 words

Magna Executive 2.6 ltr 4 cyl Astron 2 E.F.I.

Cheap, comfortable and great value for money car

72 words

Magna SE 2.6i

A great car!!!

94 words

Magna GLX 2.6 4 cylinder petrol

4 cylinder performance with 6 cylinder fuel economy!

178 words, 17 comments