17th Nov 2006, 05:41

Hi, I have a TM 87 Magna, the Economy wasn't great (but that's because the so call Local Garage disconnected the Power/Economy system from the Disy???... other than that it was good... But I have another problem, with the Auto.. it doesn't go into Overdrive now and I don't think it goes into 1st (I think it starts in 2nd... I have been told that one of the Sensors for the Gearbox is not working??? I live out bush, so I can't get to City yet, as our local Mechanic has no Idea???

Any help would be Helpful Please Thanks Bob.

26th Apr 2007, 22:50

I bought my 1990 TP Executive class Magna at the end of 2005, and it has been a great car to date, hardly cost me a thing, I had to change the alternator in it (only $120.00) and new brake pads ($180.00) and that is pretty good for a car which has over 245,000 KM on the clock. The car still drives like a dream and has a lot of power, up hills do not phase this car at all. Fuel economy is pretty good too; I get over 600km per tank. I remember when I was looking for a new car, I was trying to decide between 1992 2.0 ltr 4 cylinder Camry or the Magna. Having driven both I’m glad I chose the Magna. I hope I get as much life out of this car as my Mum has out of her TN Magna GLX which has 432,000 km on the clock and is still going strong. I don’t know why the Magna cops so much flack from people.

30th Apr 2007, 17:34

I've always heard good things about Magna's which is why I purchased my 93 TP recently from a friend. This car hasn't been on the road for about a year, so I expected some problems, but all we got was one headlight that flickered for a couple of minutes and then was fine, the timing needs adjusting and she hiccuped a couple of times, but with a full tuneup and service that should rectify most of those problems.

We drove this car from Victoria to Adelaide through the Adelaide hills and she handled the hills beautifully. Think only thing I really have to watch with this one is that it is sneaky and if you don't watch the speedo it will sneak up. Mine is from the last year of carby motors. I know I haven't had mine long, but she traveled well and was comfy.

3rd Jun 2007, 05:04

I bought a 1990 Magna TP with all the trims of Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, Power Windows and Digital Dash. I paid $4000 which for the exterior condition of the vehicle seemed to be a bargain.

However we have further spent $8000 or so since. It's like a black hole. You know you shouldn't keep going and just sell the thing, but you've spent so much and have almost got it running A OK.

Well those repairs were back in 2005. Two years later the car is still needing some minor work (suspension mainly) but runs well now that the repairs have been carried out.

Main thing to watch for is the timing belts running out at approx 140000km. Also the Starter Motor just caved in at 160000km. My car is at 163863km's and I hardly spot another one in as good condition.

I'll find it tough to part with this car one day for a new car! Don't wanna give up all the electric perks!

19th Dec 2007, 03:25

I have a 1998 verada EI have had it for 10 years, and its never missed a beat, goes like the day I bought it brand new, and is the most comfortable car I've driven. Down fall? every 90,000km you need a timing belt replacement at around $900.

13th Jun 2008, 12:34

Hi All.

I would like to give my opinion on my experience of my TP Magna SE sedan, but before I start I would just like to say that after 4 years of truly faithful motoring, the TP has to go.

Why, because and only because I'm 6ft 4 and have done my back in, so I no longer fit.

I bought the Magna in 2004 when I was flat broke, and had just lost my GN Sigma due to a 4 wheel drive wiping me out.. and yep they had to cut me out of the Sigma and I'm still here.

But back to the Magna... I paid $700 for the 1990 model that had only traveled 126,000. I bought it from an Indian guy who was in a mad rush to leave the country due to work. It had a full service history and had only been driven by one previous owner (from the country).

It seemed that the car itself had been very well maintained, although probably not looked after by the person I bought it from very well... but it was pretty clean and tidy, and ran well.

Now on to the serious stuff. In 4 years of motoring, the Magna has only broken down once, when it broke a water pump belt, apart from two flat batteries.

It has had intermittent services and a few parts replaced ie brake pads, battery, and a month ago a driveshaft.

This car would have to be the best car I have ever owned, and yep I've had a few over the last 22 years.

Just bought my second Commodore, and can only pray that it will not give me as many problems as what I've read about the later model Commodores.

So, I suggest anyone that can still get their hands on a TP Magna in good condition buys one ASAP. Unbelievable value for money, as for any Magna out there. 5 stars Mitsubishi (And I couldn't care less what Ford or Holden lovers say) I will miss the comfort of driving my old Maggy.

13th Aug 2008, 07:13


I have a Mitsubishi Magna 1989 Exec Sedan and its at a whopping 1,894,309km.. It's my first car, cost me $1300 2 years ago - its been a lot of work but I respect that its old and things need to be replaced: starter motor, cv joints, brakes, engine mountings/gaskets, radiator, exhaust system (recent) and its running smooth and so very quiet now that the exhaust leaks are taken care of! I don't know if much is left to replace now!

Theres just one thing I can't quite work out, my car has a 'clunk' noise and you feel something heavy drop while I'm breaking and almost at a stop, and also sometimes when I take my foot off the accelerator fast.. is it going down the gears roughly?? As a girl I don't really understand the mechanical side completely!

Thanks if anyone has suggestions.

7th Nov 2008, 05:03

Ebay quite often have new water pumps to suit the Magna's new for about $50, But I'm a major Mitsubishi Fan, I have in my collection my first car which is an old 1990 Tp Magna Elite Sedan EFI Auto.

1990 TP magna Grand tourer Sedan EFI manual (limited edition)

1989 TP Magna Executive Sedan auto Carby

1989 TP Magna GL/X Manual Carby \

1985 UA Nimbus Manual Carby (dead motor soon to be resurrected on LPG)

1987 Colt GSR limited edition manual carby

2002 Triton GLX-R manual EFI (written off, soon to be repaired and used as daily driver)

1992 Nimbus auto EFI (which my mum drives after being hit by a drunk driver in her EL Falcon)

So yeah I love my Mitsubishis, but out of all of them while driven on my property of 1088 acres in central NSW, I haven't had any troubles at all, and the TP Magna Grand Tourer is my daily driver; never missed a beat with 608,900km on the clock, and a recent reco motor of 12,500km in the 85 nimbus has travelled 890,000km (around the country 4 times it's done)

24th Jun 2011, 21:52

Hi. I need help. I have a 1990 Magna TP 2.6 ltr. We have replaced the coil petrol pump and filter, and it won't start and has no spark, but we don't know why.

19th Aug 2014, 04:36

I don't get why the TPs get so much flak, either.

I bought one for $400 seven years ago and it had 242Ks on the odometer; now it has 420Ks.

It has never missed a beat. Cruises wonderfully at 110 or 120 no worries.

Have replaced the timing gear. A battery. Another transmission ($350 - $350 to fit), new exhaust. Put a K&N air filter on. HiClone and the u-beaut spark plugs the guy sells on his site. Plus ProMa oil and fuel additive is used.

So... the vehicle gets 13.9ks per litre, or in English, just on 40 MPG... And that's averaged over some long hauls, trips around town with a car load full of everything I own. I'm a grey-nomad and a house-sitter, so I do some serious Ks.

The only reason so many people s**t-can the TP, is they drive it into the ground with the only maintenance being putting fuel in it from time to time.

When the bonnet is lifted and you spend a moment looking; it becomes apparent the car hasn't been touched for two to three years. It's covered in oil, dirt, leaves, oil barely registers on the stick, and guess what?!... There's almost zero water in the radiator and the battery is much the same.

TPs are only bad cars when they get treated like crap.

13th Sep 2014, 09:33

TP stopped in '91.

4th Apr 2017, 13:49

Hi, you should get the engine mounts checked.