Magna Si TS 3.0L V6

Loved it!!!

543 words

Magna Executive Wagon 3.0 V6

Very smooth, tough, and able to keep up with most cars doing most things

305 words

Magna Executive 2.6 petrol

Reliable family sedan, with a sluggish demeanor

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They don't call them bizashitty for nutin'

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Never ending Debt

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Magna SE Wagon 2.6L

Fabulously comfortable and so far very reliable!

398 words

Magna TS Advance

I would recommend it as a solid family car

57 words

Magna TS SE 3.0 petrol

Reliable, comfortable and practical

109 words

Magna ts SE 3.0 petrol

Good looking car, good performance lots of extras good buy for the money

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Magna 3.0 V6

Reliable transport

197 words

Magna GLX 2.6 litre 4 cylinder

A smooth, smart wagon worthy of any class

117 words, 1 comment

Magna SE 2.6 Litre

Please Consider!!!

44 words

Magna TS 3.0 V6

Well priced comfortable car with lots of grunt

52 words

Magna TS Executive 3.0L V6

A comfortable car with a plenty of power under the bonnet

49 words

Magna Executive 2.6 EFI

Extremely comfortable and reliable, maybe a bit on the uneconomical side

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Magna SE V6 3L V6

Great engine, extremely well made car

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