6th Jun 2003, 21:25

Since writing the review of my TS SE V6, it has become quite expensive to run. It now has 145,000km and I intend to sell it. It had a major oil leak which required removing the engine to fix. This cost $1100. The front shock absorbers now feel extremely worn out with every little bump causing the car to crash over it. The alternator needed rebuilding which cost $810 including a 140,000km service. The auto has since developed very harsh gear changes and shows other signs of wear. Mitsubishi have estimated a $2500 - $3000 gearbox replacement within the next year.

Despite all this though the engine is still fantastic. If it weren't for the V6 and the nice interior I would have sold it long ago. However, it is now to be replaced with a late model Volvo 850 wagon.

Best of luck to those who buy a Magna.

29th May 2010, 12:44

Well all I can say is I have a 1994 TS Mitsubishi Magna sedan. It's a 3.0 ltr V6. It's also the V6 manual model, it has done 380,000kms and I do 400kms a night, as I cruise around with all my mates till ridiculous hours.

I get 550kms out of a tank, which is very impressive for a V6.

From Mildura to Adelaide is 400kms. I can drive to Adelaide and back half way on 1 full tank, which is bloody awesome.

I hate Holdens and will never buy one as my mum has always had Commodores, and she has always had a lot of trouble with them, and they are not good on petrol; it costs her $80 to fill her tank. It's a 1994 VR Holden Berlina, has done a lot less kms than mine, and personally they run rough. Mechanics have told her that VNs to VRs are noisy motors, so $80 petrol and she cannot even get close to mine at 550kms; she only gets about 420kms. Mind you, mine is $65 to fill the tank, so 550kms is great.

It has done 380,000kms on its original motor, I've had the car for 5years, it runs so smooth, there are no rattles or noises at all.

I love the feel of the car, it's very comfortable, handles great. It's really hard for me to lose any traction in the car, I can fly around corners, I act do burnouts and do give the car hell, and am very surprised how strong the engines are.

It has only needed a new starter motor, a new battery, and cam shaft seals due to oil leaks.

New timing belt done at 300,000kms, and new drive belts, a new radiator, general servicing oil and filters, including leads and plugs.

Has needed the valve stem seals replaced, as it was blowing excessive amounts of blue smoke constantly; was $800 all fixed. Is a major issue in the Magna, but mainly 4 cylinders.

The rings and pistons don't go on those Magnas; they do 300,000 to 400,000kms without the piston and rings failing. People think that they have a problem as they blow blue smoke, but it is not the pistons or rings, it is the valve stem seals. 9/10 Magnas, and I know this from experience and mechanics telling me, valve stem seals on the 4 cyl model will only cost $300, but depends on the mechanic as I have had quotes at around the $400 to 500 mark, it's very common problem, but is easily fixed, and that's what people need to know, that it's very fixable, and cheap.

These cars are very good. I honestly love my 1994 TS Magna, and sorry I didn't mention the model, it's an Executive.

I love the V6, I think that it has plenty of power, and has got a lot of pick up power.

I just love getting into this Magna and taking for a long cruise. It's a very nice car to drive, and never lets me down.

It runs great. It's very hard to think that it has done 380,000kms. It runs so smooth, I think that it still has plenty of life left.

Also I have had new front shockers, and the CVs done also, and a new rear muffler.

It's a great car and I will never sell it. I would not care if it blew up tomorrow, I would put a brand new motor in the car.

Definitely an underestimated car. I love the car that much, and remember it has done a lot of kms, and that is not bad.

The car is fully up to date now, and never gives me any trouble whatsoever. It is a 15 year old car and goes great.

The steering is very good, it's not too light, it's firm but not heavy, it's perfect. Feels nice and firm on the road, brakes are awesome; they're non ABS brakes though, but are great.

I love the feel of the clutch. It has a nice firm feeling to it as well. I hate clutches that feel very light. The TS clutch feels very nice, and seriously people, great car for the money.

27th Apr 2012, 05:43

Hello to all the Magna TS V6 owners.

Would any person in this WORLD know why my V6 motor is leaking oil from the oil cap re-fill hole?

I have changed the oil cap new, changed the valve cover, and no change.

It doesn't leak a lot, but enough that you have to wipe it off or it will smoke up at the lights, and it would look like it's overheating.

I cleaned both PCV inlet valves on the valve covers as well.

It's done 190,000 kms, so it's not the run down.

Any type of feedback will help.

Thanks, Billy.

22nd Aug 2012, 02:39

Hi champ, try this.

Buy a new oil cap, and have the dip stick changed as well.

On both your valve covers, clean the PCV on both, change the valve covers if you can buy one for the front side, as the back is a little hard if you have no tools. Drain all the oil out from the oil filter, use Caltex oil, which removes sludge in the oil on older motors, buy a new oil filter, and top up the oil.

Now start the car and go for a long drive, up hills if you can. Now drain the oil again and top up; see how you go.

28th Jan 2013, 18:17

Hello, I have a 1996 Magna. The car is great for its age, and I have not spent a lot of money on it.

The problem is I have a small oil leak, which I believe is from behind the timing belt cover; possibly a pulley seal.

The oil leak is not that big... but possibly getting bigger.

My questions are:

1. Will the leak get bigger and bigger until it uses 4 liters per trip, like a rear main seal?

2. How much would a mechanic cost to replace the seal? It seems hard to get at, and I would hate to throw the timing out.

3. Is it possible to ignore the problem and just top up with oil?

Any feedback would be great.

1st Jan 2015, 04:11


I would look at maybe going to a mechanic and putting it on a hoist.

Ask him and tell him what is going on, and then ask him what the price would be to correct the problem.

Don't go to a Holden dealer, go to a mixed model garage, and before you go, make sure you call him when you're planning to see him, so they are available to help you.

Always get 4 quotes.

10th Jul 2015, 11:59

We purchased our Magna in Jan 2007, and I find it hard to put in words how good and reliable this car has been. It's a 2005 model and had 40,000km on the clock. Comfortable to drive, tough as old boots, and in 9 years of owning it, hardly anything has gone wrong with it.

We have just bought a brand new Mazda 3, and have given the Magna to our son who has just finished university.

Every time we take it for a service, our mechanic always confirms it's in fine working order. It now has 220,000km on the clock and is running as strong as ever. I change the oil and filter myself every 5000km, then let our mechanic service it every 12 months. Fantastic car though, and we have no doubt our son will be using it for years to come.