22nd Aug 2012, 02:39

Hi champ, try this.

Buy a new oil cap, and have the dip stick changed as well.

On both your valve covers, clean the PCV on both, change the valve covers if you can buy one for the front side, as the back is a little hard if you have no tools. Drain all the oil out from the oil filter, use Caltex oil, which removes sludge in the oil on older motors, buy a new oil filter, and top up the oil.

Now start the car and go for a long drive, up hills if you can. Now drain the oil again and top up; see how you go.

10th Jul 2015, 11:59

We purchased our Magna in Jan 2007, and I find it hard to put in words how good and reliable this car has been. It's a 2005 model and had 40,000km on the clock. Comfortable to drive, tough as old boots, and in 9 years of owning it, hardly anything has gone wrong with it.

We have just bought a brand new Mazda 3, and have given the Magna to our son who has just finished university.

Every time we take it for a service, our mechanic always confirms it's in fine working order. It now has 220,000km on the clock and is running as strong as ever. I change the oil and filter myself every 5000km, then let our mechanic service it every 12 months. Fantastic car though, and we have no doubt our son will be using it for years to come.