Magna Executive 3.0 petrol


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Magna Executive 2.6L 4 cylinder

Excellent value for money

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Magna 2.6 liter

Looks are down, but it's a great all round car for a bit of it all, and cheap on fuel with power

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Magna SE 3.0 V6

Extremely Reliable

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Magna TS GLX 2.6L Astron straight 4 cylinder


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Magna TS basic/ GLX 2.6L 4 cylinder Carby

Good car, but get it serviced! and make sure it had it's 100000 service!

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Magna SE 3.0 V6

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Magna Executive 2.6

Very underrated

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Magna Executive 2.6

A good second hand buy

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Magna Executive 2.6 4 cylinder

Great car at a great price that looks handsome till this day!

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Magna Executive 3.0 V6 petrol

Although generally reliable, this car did not meet my needs

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Magna Elite V6 2.8

Magna. A Magnificent Car

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Magna Executive 2.6L V6

The old faithful

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