Nissan Laurel reviews from Australia and New Zealand


Laurel Medalist RD28 diesel

Absolutely amazing

91 words


Laurel Club S 2 litre, 6 Cylinder petrol

This is an exceptionally comfortable cruiser

211 words, 1 comment


Laurel Club L RB20DET, 2.0L: petrol turbo

Awesome VIP Drifter

47 words

Laurel Medallist 2.8 diesel

A truly excellent economical luxury car!

122 words, 19 comments


Laurel Medallist RD28 (2.8 diesel)

Would be the perfect car if it had been better maintained

75 words

Laurel Medalist C33 2.0L Strait 6 RB20

A mean looking rel

73 words, 14 comments