7th Jan 2005, 22:19

I have the Club L version with the RB20DET, unfortunatly these all came out with Auto's just at the stage of finding the manual conversion parts.

Love the laurel don't ever want to sell it, they look mint lowered on 18 inch mags.

13th Jul 2005, 03:24

I just bought a 1989 Laurel Medalist Twin Cam Turbo, it's an HC33, with an RB20- performs well... however like the first writer, my shock absorbers are on their way out, and I cannot seem to find shocks ANYWHERE. Can anyone help me out by emailing me a company name or a website where I can at least order a set of shocks? They are the electronically adjustable type, pretty hard to find. If someone could send me a number of a local company in your area that carries these that would be excellent, too. My email address is sean@mail2arabic.com. HELP!!!

7th Feb 2006, 07:05

I own the FC33 1991 model, and have found it difficult to replace the right hand side door glasses. Assistance is sought. Contact me at: josephnyirenda1976@yahoo.co.uk

28th Mar 2006, 09:13

I have a 1998 HC33 RB20DE, that is the I-6 single cam. Due to the low grade fuel we get I usually get a lot pinking the. Need to know if using a very cold rang spark plug will help get rid of he problem. Also trying to get rid of the engine and replace it with a RB25DE.

26th Jun 2006, 05:42

Hi, I've got a Nissan HC33 Laurel, but it's also called the Nissan Medalist. It has the rb20de engine four speed automatic, it runs really well. I need some accessories though! Anyone who can help me, my email is : slowbutfurious@hotmail.com

18th Aug 2006, 01:41

I just been given a 89 Nissan Laurel diesel automatic and am looking at converting to petrol. Going to put a rb20de manual in. I'm just wondering if anyone has done it, and if there is anything I should know about before I start pulling things apart.

25th Oct 2006, 19:47

Would it be easy to put a RB20DET manual into a 1990 laurel medalist 2.8 L diesel Automatic.

20th Feb 2009, 01:10

Hey, I've got an 89 c33 rb20de, and I've got a pretty much fair idea on how to do the manual conversion, but would anybody have like a step by step guide on it, just in case I get stuck, cos I wanna do it in a day or 2, not have it sitting round in pieces scratching my head.

If any one does, please email it to me mrfreestylexxx@hotmail.com

30th Mar 2009, 07:57

I have a Nissan Laurel HJC32 1988 model RB20 engine 5 speed rear wheel. I need another similar engine to replace this one. Will appreciate any assistance. Patrick Nairobi-Kenya East Africa.


7th Aug 2009, 22:53

I own one of the last great Laurel Medalists; the HC35. It's great and I won't trade it for all of the gold in the world!

29th Jun 2013, 12:34

What type of dashboard can work in the C32, other than the original? Please help...

damiunj@yahoo.com, Trinidad and Tobago.

9th Aug 2013, 03:07

I'm trying to do this also, and can't find any information on whether I can run it off a 20e body loom?