1994 Nissan Laurel HC34 2.0 RB20E from Zimbabwe


An excellent buy!


I bought the car accident damaged.

Had it panelbeated, the engine was intact. So far not a single problem.

Didn't realise I was buying myself a GEM of a car.

General Comments:

In my home country, which is Zimbabwe, this car is a rare breed.

I have noticed that it shares a lot of spares with the Nissan Skyline (RB20E - HR32 / HR33)

Road handling is excellent and very quiet in the saloon even at speeds of 140km/hr.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2005

1989 Nissan Laurel Medallist RD28 (2.8 diesel) from Australia and New Zealand


Would be the perfect car if it had been better maintained


Interior trim starting to fray.

Injectors work, sluggish performance.

Rear brake drums unbalance at 184,000kms.

Shocks on the way out.

A/C Belt badly worn.

Master Electric Window/Central Locking switch total failure.

General Comments:

Because the injectors are worn the performance is very sluggish and can cause large amounts of black smoke under heavy acceleration.

For a diesel, this car is not very good up hills.

Would handle PERFECTLY with a new set of shocks (Not cheap however)

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Review Date: 17th May, 2005

1990 Nissan Laurel Club L RB20DET, 2.0L: petrol turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome VIP Drifter


Just the normal Nissan things like the radius arm buses.

General Comments:

The interior is dope, vinyl seats looks very much like leather, comfy as.

The handling impressed me, as I went from the more sporty 200sx (s14 Silvia) to the laurel and found it not that much worse.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2005

1989 Nissan Laurel Medalist C33 2.0L Strait 6 RB20 from Australia and New Zealand


A mean looking rel


Drivers door trim wearing.

Tappet cover gasket oil leak.

General Comments:

I've just purchased this car. Looks the part with bigger mags and lower springs. A really sleek luxurious car.

Expected more performance from the RB20 petrol engine. Considering engine transplant to the RB20DET turbo version. Anyone with any idea what is involved in certifying the turbo please email me. Having difficulty finding replacement springs and struts for the petrol model. Any help email i_luv_wardsbeer@hotmail.com.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2004

22nd Jul 2004, 01:54

Nice choice man, just the same as me, and a good choice from the previous car, good upgrade. If you have done so already, the cat is very very restricting. I was surprised when I removed mine.

9th Dec 2004, 11:03

I have a Nissan Laurel, and it has done 97,000 miles, and it still drives like new. I think anyone who wants to buy one, I strongly advise you to do so, because they are fast, cheap and reliable.

1992 Nissan Laurel Medalist 25 2.5 Gasoline from St. Kitts & Nevis


Sport wrapped in a luxury shell


My head-gasket blew. I am seriously trying to locate a cylinder head-gasket for my EC-33 RB25 Nissan Laurel.

General Comments:

The car is a great car.

I find it to be very luxurious and drives like a baby.

As for power, my 2.5 Laurel has more than enough power to climb any hill.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2003

1990 Nissan Laurel Medallist 2.8 diesel from Australia and New Zealand


A truly excellent economical luxury car!


160000 km - I had to replace the alternator. This is a very costly and hard to find part.

General Comments:

Although the mileage is quite high, the vehicle is still in very sound, reliable condition.

The quality of finish is excellent and has stood up to wear and tear very well, considering the vehicle used to be a taxi.

The colour scheme of the interior is a little dated, but never the less, it is a very comfortable place to be.

The standard equipment is very good, even by today's standards, with ABS and an airbag the only major omissions.

The performance is a little sluggish on hills and when overtaking, that said, the econonmy is outstanding for a vehicle of this size!

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Review Date: 18th April, 2001

8th Jun 2001, 03:45

I am also a owner of Nissan Laurel 1990 Medalist.

I find the car is great, it's very economical. My model is equipped with the RB20 engine, providing plenty of torque yet maintaining its fuel efficency.

A great car, if you look for performence, they do come in RB25 Turbo as in the hr33 skylines. Also the RB28 Turbo. In sports mode.

However, this car is not suitable for a person who is more than 180cm tall. The head room could be more roomier, it is shallow to provide extreme aerodynamic capabilities.

A good car, but needs more head room.

Tim, Qld, Australia