25th Jul 2001, 13:46

I own a Nissan Laurel, 90 model, Medalist.

I've had the car for close on to 2 years now.. I purchased it with 96,000km on the clock.. and have only just completed the 170,000km roll over.

I cannot fault the car's handling or road manners.

My major gripe with the car is the un-availability of spares and replacement panels.

I'd personally give the car a handling mark of 8/10

Value for money, 9/10

Build quality, 10/10

Fuel efficiency, 8/10

Equipment Levels, 8/10

Brad Morgan, QLD.

29th Aug 2001, 13:23

My Nissan Laurel 1983, 2.4 has just passed 224000 km with no major repairs except for clutch and brakes. To my mind it is an excellent car!!

2nd Oct 2001, 01:52

The car has now travelled 190000 km and is still going perfectly. It even survived the N.Z. winter fuel crisis relatively unscathed, only needing a replacement fuel filter. (The first one since purchasing the car!)

31st Jan 2002, 04:35

I own a 1994 Laurel Medalist 2.8 diesel auto and find it to be quiet and extremely comfortable. Plenty of power to climb the hills in New Zealand.

A very economical and trouble free car, especially considering its size and weight. Only criticism is the small size of the boot for the size of the car. I am a fan of Toyota and Nissan diesels and have been driving them for 10 years, and find the Nissan has a better and stronger body. Trouble with parts - I don't know about this as I have never needed any!

18th Jun 2002, 09:22

Nissan Laurels are simply the best and most economical luxury cars in their range. Very reliable and trouble-free operation. Trustworthy handling. Fuel-efficient (depending on the driver) for its size. They even had quality features long in advance of newer model cars. I've owned a 2.4 GL model that was previously a taxi; and now I've got a 2.0 V-turbo. They are great!!!

20th Sep 2002, 04:16

I too have a Nissan Laurel Medalist C33 diesel 1990. 107km.

The brakes feel like ABS brakes, but will get them checked as maybe they are not. The motor is a little noisy (sounds like tappets. I have just purchased a RD28 motor workshop manual from the UK, but does not tell me much in diagnosis. A Japanese Laurel Fan Club member is helping with the dreaded rear windows going down by themselves. He has told me it is a very common problem due to the main switch on driver's door and/or the amplifiers in each door. He has even given me the replacement parts numbers to ask for. I love the car.

18th Nov 2002, 22:51

Following on from my previous post; the brakes cost me all up $NZ600 to get repaired due to rear slaves and master cylinder replacements. Found the brake pedal still goes down slowly when the motor is running, but this is a reported phenomena on Laurels and Patrols.

Just had the noisy tappet sound stop. Front pulley on crankshaft broke it's spokes and the key way on the crank is worn. Pick it up tomorrow after the repair (second hand front pulley and expoxy resin glue job on the key way). The sound only occurred at idle and stopped at 1900 r.p.m. After the pulley stopped turning, so did the noise. Maybe it will come back with the pulley turning again indicating a fault with either the alternator, vacuum pump, water pump or power steering pump. Fingers crossed, will keep you posted.

31st Dec 2002, 16:08

I have a 92 Laurel with the RD28 motor. I am trying to get hold of a workshop manual (or notes) on setting tappets AND replacing a clutch.

If you are able to help please email mima@clear.net.nz.

12th Jan 2003, 14:46

My Nissan Laurel was a 2.4 straight six, 1986. I paid £1000 (UK) for it in 1990 when it had 144,000km on the clock and drove it for ten years taking it round to 214,000km. I had few problems with it and consider it a real bargain, providing cheap, quiet and quite luxurious motoring. In the UK it was regarded as a car with absolutely no street credibility, being rare, old-fashioned and poorly styled. I didn't care about that at all and enjoyed not having to worry about it being nicked.

Spares became more and more of a problem as it got older and I sometimes had to wait for spares to be shipped from Japan. For the most part it was very fixable by a good mechanic.

In the last year I had it the window motors died and the tape cassette machine gave up the ghost. Sometimes the door sensor thought the door was open when it wasn't and that strange lady's voice would say "Left door is open" and she would not be persuaded otherwise. Still, she used to amuse my friends.

I once got it up to 128 mph/200 kph which was pretty scary (and I'm not saying where!).

16th Jan 2003, 04:14

1986 Nissan Laurel. R.D.28.

A wonderful car. Got mine at 45,000k. Now at 190,000k and still going reliably. I have replaced the heater radiator, rectifier, battery, tire or two, filters, and oil. And diesel every 900k. It has never let me down. At 100kph this car is sluggish, but if you spin them a bit faster they can pull up hills. I am prepared to trade peppy speed for economy, solidity, plenty of leg room, (I am 6'1"), reliability. I will buy another Nissan diesel when the time comes. I love this car!

25th May 2003, 02:13

My 1988 Laurel Medalist has just chucked it's alternator and yes, it is a known common fault and a damn expensive one to fix. $890 NZ (about 3.5 cents U.S. ha ha) to replace or 350-450 for a second hand one IF YOU CAN FIND ONE!

Still, its way over 200 000km now and I can't begrudge it a few bits I suppose...

Another common fault is the torque converter in the Auto version, it shreds it's internals and yes, is expensive to fix.

I have had mine for 5 years and will not sell it until it rusts away (none showing yet) so will probably hand it onto my son one day.



22nd Jun 2003, 19:12

Hey, guys I am going to buy a Nissan Laurel, 92, and it is already 150,000KMs, the price is $5000 AU, what do you think of that, is it worth to buy it? I have been doing a little bit research on the Internet, most people find the common things are not really powerful engine (I tested drive, I can tell, especially go up the hill), and REALLY REALLY hard to find second hand parts.

The owner told me that she changed brake and air filter (I don't even know what is that for), and I heard owner's friend said she car used to stopped on the road for some reason, I am not so sure if I will buy it, because for $5000, it is the best car I can get (maybe), and I will use this car mostly for running on the highway (100-120).

I will take it to the workshop to do some inspection, and see what happened.

Can any of you give me some suggestion before I buy?


Jayson Q.L.D.

27th Aug 2003, 23:18

Am searching for a exhaust manifold for a RD 28 turbo diesel anyone got one? thanks Pete. Pharding@paradise.net.nz.