1990 Nissan Laurel Medallist from Australia and New Zealand - Comments

28th Aug 2003, 21:05

Bought a 2000 C35 model RD28 diesel, 86000Kms. Absolutely beautiful car. Has fly-by-wire throttle - no cable. Economy is 11km/L in town, up to 16km/l open road. Only negative comment is that my previous 1997 2L Bluebird was more roomy inside, and possibly a better town car (12.5km/l town, 15kml open road. These two are the first Nissan cars I have ever owned, and also the first non-turbo diesels I have ever owned. I actually find - to my own surprise - that I prefer a non-turbo now. It is just more relaxing to drive. The 2.8 has just the right amount of power. What I really like to get is any technical info regarding the car, and especially the RD28 diesel. Diesels save $700/10,000km over comparable petrol cars, including the road tax.

22nd Apr 2004, 18:50

I am ther proud owner of a Nissan Madallist Club Hc35, a Straight NEO6 Gasoline Engine. Its four years old, never had any problem until recently. My mechanic determined that one of the Ignition coil is defective, however I cannot locate another in my country, Can any one help? don't want to give up my Club.


10th Jun 2004, 06:09

I am the current proud owner of a 1990 model Nissan medalist (Yes I still have mine.)

It's currently sitting on about 215000 to 220000 Km and is not looking like quitting yet.

What I am looking for is a Contact in wither New Zealand or the UK where I may possibly be able to locate some replacement parts..

As the Nissan Dealer network here in Australia don't want to know abou "Grey Import" vehicles. (Well my local dealer anyways)

I am Contactable at.


Many thanks in advance.

22nd Sep 2005, 08:07

Looks like Nissan Laurel are good models. I have one too - an HC34 1994 model, luxurious driving. Bought it with 22 000km accident damaged. It is now sitting at 30 000kms after 6 months of trouble free driving.

I think they are a GREAT BUY!

13th Nov 2005, 15:44

Hallo, friends.

I am so bad in English language, but I am very interested in Laurel...I have Jc32,1988 and it is best car of my life...

This Website is like Life water, so that...



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