1987 Nissan Skyline reviews from Australia and New Zealand

Skyline ti 3.0 litre

Absolutely fantastic

70 words

Skyline TI 3.0 straight six

One of the great cars of all time

129 words, 1 comment

Skyline Excel 1.8 Ca18s twinspark

My lovable snail

203 words, 2 comments

Skyline GX RB30E

A brilliant, high performance, reliable sedan

161 words, 1 comment

Skyline Silhouette 3 litre

This is a reliable powerful cheap car, if it is maintained correctly

118 words

Skyline GXE 3.0 ltr V6

A high performance/reliabale car!

38 words

Skyline Silhouette RB30E

Buying one now could cost you a lot of money

171 words

Skyline Ti 3.0

A shame its time has come and gone

228 words, 10 comments

Skyline GXE 3.0 6 cylinder

Best car of it's type for it's manufacture date. A smooth, powerful, safe ride of real Nissan power

155 words, 5 comments

Skyline TI 3.0 in-line 6 cylinder

25 words, 5 comments