Skyline GX 3.0L 6 cylinder OHC

Great value, good, safe, reliable first car

34 words

Skyline HR31 Passage GT 2.0 Straight-6 Twincam turbo (RB20DET)

Nissan's Technological Tour de Force of the 80's

253 words

Skyline GTS-X now BR25 DET Neo

A cheap car, with great potential in the right hands

115 words

Skyline Silhouette 3.0 NA

More bang for your buck

227 words, 6 comments

Skyline R31 3.0L

A quality vehicle for a cheap price

104 words, 2 comments

Skyline Ti 3.0 petrol

Reliable workhorse with grunt

136 words

Skyline GX R31 3L Straight 6

Good, all purpose family vehicle

133 words

Skyline GTS1 3.0 Naturally Aspirated

Great reliable and fun car to drive- STILL

190 words

Skyline GX 3.0 Litre straight six

An amazingly torquey 3 litre engine, all wrapped up in a body that does it no justice

70 words, 10 comments