2001 Peugeot 406 SV D9 3.0 V6


Total and entire junk!!! - 3


Where do I start? What is the word limit? The list is endless.

Airbag light was on.

Engine running on 5 cylinders (ignition coils).

Changed 3 of them in ONE MONTH.

Noises in the auto transmission.

Rattling noise above the petrol tank.

Electric seat only worked when it wanted. It also had a habit of coming up to the max on its own mind while I was driving, squeezing me between the wheel and the seat - pretty scary and dangerous. I figured out it was POSSESSED by the Devil himself.

Power window stuck open in heavy rain.

Main window switch fault, very expensive from a wrecker, as he said they fail ALL THE TIME.

Touch screen went black 1 hour before the buyer came to pick up the car.

On heavy acceleration pulls strongly to the right, exactly into the opposite lane in Australia - great feature, fully appreciated. (Possessed?) Just kidding - I know FWD cars do this due to uneven length of drive shafts, but come on Peugeot brainiacs, I am sure for the price of the car something could be done about it.

General Comments:

This is another pig from European stable of "fine European cars".

Please read my other reviews of the Saab 9-3 and Saab 9000.



I used to be a very devoted fan of European cars, since 1979, but they always paid me back with unexpected breakdowns and all kinds of miserable inconveniences.

This car is a total nightmare. Badly designed, poorly built. Everything breaks down, and breaks exactly when you need it.

Mostly electronic faults (thank you VDO), and mechanical as well.

If you like to throw your money away, into a big black hole called European engineering, with no return or satisfaction - then you should buy this car.

I had it for one year, a low mileage example, and it was nothing but never-ending trouble and frustration.

Even a Citroen Xsara, monstrosity of a design, beats this car in reliability.

Very fast and a pleasure to drive, but totally unreliable.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2013

1st Jul 2013, 15:31

Pretty much just wear and tear as far as I can tell. With really high mileage like this car, I'd say it's been pretty reliable.

2nd Jul 2013, 19:05

To the above comment, saying this is high mileage? 78,000 km is NOTHING!

3rd Jul 2013, 13:47

So if that mileage were nothing, why so many reported problems? 78km (not 78000... 78) on a French car is high. Plus, looks like normal wear and tear on a car that's 15 years old

2003 Peugeot 406 HDI 2.0L turbo diesel


Solid, good looking car


Auto transmission valves failed at 175000km. Known fault in this model due to non BW parts used originally.

Driver's door window control unit failed. Expensive to replace, had to come from France.

A/C heater control failed.

General Comments:

Other than the issues above, the car is very good to drive. Feels solid on the road. Not so good around town due to the gear ratios being a little high. A very good, economical open road cruiser.

The stupid road user tax on diesel cars in NZ is a penalty, unless doing 25 thousand Km a year or more.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2013

27th Apr 2013, 21:44

Hi, thanks for the advice. I have an ancient Peugeot 106 1.5 diesel that has served me very well, which is why I am interested in a Peugeot 406 HDI for the wife. There are a lot of reviews out there that generally find this car to be unreliable, particularly the electrics, and I am interested in your comment regarding the auto-transmission valves, as I have seen a few cars on Trade-me with the valves replaced.

As for the pathetic and ridiculous road user charge in NZ, it's a joke. Also, I pay a greater license fee for my 1.5 diesel than someone with a V8 petrol truck! So much for green and clean NZ, there's no incentive to drive an economical vehicle. Right, rant over, cheers!