11th Jul 2013, 00:30

I stand by my original comment, this car is not high mileage. It's just a bag of badly designed bolts that shouldn't have this number of problems at 78,000km (yes, I did read that correctly). Even French cars should last longer than this.

24th Jul 2013, 17:09

78000 km is low. A Japanese car would still drive like new. All the issues you had refer to poor built quality, unless you had poor luck with your sample. I am not a big fan of Peugeot myself, due to their weakness. The drive is boring compared to other euro cars like Audi or BMW. Good review.

9th Aug 2013, 05:31

I own an SV D9 manual trans, 2000 model. A sweet ride. It had 160,000+ km on the odometer when I got her. Aside from an ABS and airbag warning fault, the car has been flawless since I got her early this year.

Most of the faults you listed are BSI related issues. A simple BSI reset will correct all those faults. Probably, someone disconnected the battery terminals without following the battery disconnection procedures on BSI Peugeots like yours. Not following the procedure sometimes would corrupt the BSI, and similar issues to those you listed will come up until the BSI is reset, if the unit has not been damaged by the abuse for not following the procedures while removing the battery terminals.

The ES9J4S, the V6 engine in all D9 V6 models, has Sagem coil packs which don't last. Replacing them with Delphi coil packs fixes the problem. You should have found out from modern Peugeot experts what was wrong, rather than condemning a car that has no fault except it wasn't been taken care of as it should have been.

Did you scan it with PP2000 (Peugeot Planet 2000)? Because if you had done that, you would have seen that the car had no major issues, except normal wear and tear.


9th Dec 2013, 10:35

1. "Really high mileage" would be 200-300,000km.

78,000 is well below 100,000km, and is not a high mileage by any standard. Even a new car warranty covers 5 years or 100,000km. 78,000 km may be high on a scooter or bike, but not on a three litre car.

2. Electronic failure is not wear and tear. Failure of a touch screen is not wear and tear. Failure of 3 ignition coils in one month is not normal wear and tear.

Here is a review of my Eunos 500, that will explain to you what is to be expected from a normal well designed car, including "wear and tear".


9th Dec 2013, 10:38

In reply to: 3rd Jul 2013, 13:47

So if that mileage were nothing, why so many reported problems?

Because it's a Peugeot? A pile of junk? Does that answer your question?

21st Aug 2014, 22:09

Mate - the acceptable expectation of a high mileage car in Australia is around the 300,000km mark. 80,000km is just breaking it in. A car designed and engineered well, that is also serviced and maintained, should reach 350,000 km without major drama.