1969 Renault 10 1.1



General Comments:

My brother bought a R8 when I was a kid, and totally fell in love with it. Considering my father always preferred yank tanks, this was quite a departure.

When my time came, the first car I purchased was a 1969 white R10. A phenomenal car, and way ahead of its time in Australia, compared to what was available on the local market. Used to drive between Adelaide and Brisbane each year (1400 miles).

Fantastic on the open road, and very economical. Cruised all day at good speed, and the extra luggage in the front boot certainly helped the handling. The motor used to sound a bit like a sewing machine in the boot, but it never let me down.

Used to get 50,000 miles out of a set of Michelin tyres.

Best seats in any car I've had, except maybe the legendary R16.

Also had a R15 and R20. Loved them all, but the R10 has always had a special place in my heart. Got caught one night and had to sleep in the car. Thank god for the fully reclineable seats. This feature obviously had side benefits as well. Never really had any mechanical issues with the car during its life. Love reading other owners experiences, quite nostalgic.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2011

18th Nov 2012, 06:47

I had one of these -- probably my favorite car ever. It didn't go very fast, a gentle lady, but so supple! Rear wheel drive, rear engine. I loved driving it on the winding country roads in upstate New York.

1969 Renault 10 R10 1.2


Best value for money car - ever



General Comments:

This car is the most comfortable car I have ever driven - bar none. I was in the military when I owned this car and traveled all over Australia with it. A thousand kilometre day was not unusual and it never let me down once.

The fuel tank filler beside the engine was a worry and a lot of garages in Australia at the time would not let you fill up for fear of fire.

The Michelin X tyres would last for ever, but you prayed for no rain.

The boot up front was enormous.

I actually rallied my R10 and had a ton of fun. The trick was to place a bag of cement in the front to cure the under-steer.

Did I love this car? You bet - I am currently trying to find a restorer in Australia for my retirement.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2004

23rd Nov 2005, 19:07

I owned this car as my first car in 1967. I bought a new 1967 Renault R10. All my other friends got VW bugs. The Renault was comfortable. However, the rest of the car was junk. Constant problems. The drove the car from upstate New York, the Albany area to Florida. We got down to Florida OK. On the return trip the carburetor fell off in the D.C. area. Terrible. I got rid of this car for a 1968 Mercury Cougar.