15th Jan 2007, 18:21

I owned a 1970 R-10. It was extremely comfortable, but illustrated the French sense of humor like few other things. The gas tank placement was just one example. When they stopped importing them to the US, parts could only be found in salvage yards, and a frighteningly large number of the junkers were incinerated from the rear seat on back.

Then there was the time that the emergency flasher switch broke and shorted out the entire electrical system.

But the seats were extremely comfortable, and they did recline. Ah, those French...

25th Feb 2007, 16:55

My first car was a 1969 Renault 10. Dimples (as she was know, named due to some hail damage on her roof) was lovingly restored and sprayed PINK by my father. Dimple was given to me by my parents for my 18th birthday in 1988. She was one year older than me. The car was already 19 years old when I received her. I drove her for another 13 years until she was retired in 2001. It was rust which got Dimples in the end. No surprise really as she enjoyed 10 years living on the Sydney Harbour waterfront. She now has been converted into a rally buggy and races weekly around NSW, Australia. Dimples was the smoothest and most comfortable car I ever had the pleasure to drive and travel in. She 'ran on the smell of an oily rag' so cost nothing to run. A great little city car and good on long distances too. Together we made may journeys between Sydney, where I attended university and Orange, when my parents live. She flew over the Blue mountains between Sydney and Orange with ease. The only criticism, and it's not much of a one, is that highway speeds she was noisy. Hey, nobody is perfect. But the Renault 10 was pretty close.

24th Mar 2007, 15:50

Hi. I had a R10 1300 between 1974 and 1979 (BBD 858K registered in Northampton, UK in 1971. Just a brilliant car with loads of character and space. Took me all over Europe. Fully concur with the comments about having to weigh the front bonnet down - I had a spare wheel & tyre to keep mine steady on the road. Just loved the number plate jaw that revealed the spare wheel, the sliding rear windows, the tappety engine, and the petrol filler in the engine compartment! Problems I had included: rusting wings (rear), rusting bonnet edge, loose steering bolts, snapped gear stick mechanism to gearbox and rear handbrake problems. I crashed BBD and had her dismantled. The engine went to Bury Technical College in Lancashire and I sold all the bits off. I still have the number plates, the ignition key and one front indicator lens. I'd dearly love to have another, but they are few and far between in the UK. Rod.

2nd Jun 2007, 06:45


I live in North Carolina, USA. I love air cooled VW's, have had one since '95. I have since sold my air cooled VW, and have found a 1969 Renault 10, one owner, 44k orig. miles in a barn in northern Virginia. I have purchased this car and will be bringing it home soon. I have never seen this car before or seen one in a junk yard. Will I have a problem finding parts, exterior and engine? I am not sure if car runs, tires are dry rotted. Car has been sitting in this barn untouched since '83. This car appears to be in mint condition. If anyone reads this and knows of this car, please email; n2vws@hotmail.com. I am planning on restoring, and would like to know what I am getting in to. I would like to buy a repair manual for this particular year. Thank you for your time. Bill.

13th Jun 2007, 12:20

I had a 1967 Renault 10 from about '69 -'70. It truly was the most comfortable car I've ever had. Rode like a cloud. Great mielage.. about 40 mpg. don't recall any specific problems with it, but... I was in a highway accident and got pushed into the concrete median.. the car flipped over... 5 TIMES... as I held onto the wheel, and wound up upside down.. I opened the door and walked away!.. My friend was asleep in the shotgun seat fully reclined, and also walked away. We barely had a scratch. The car looked still intact, and I remember asking some truck drivers who stopped on the roadside, to help me overturn the car so I could drive home and worry about the repairs later.!! Amazing car!. ~ Steve from NYC.

6th Sep 2007, 12:33

I owned a Renault R10, when I was in high school back in the 1970s and it was a time when I could hardly afford a new tire for the car. I cut a lot of grass doing yard work in order to maintain the car. My family sold the car when I joined the US Army. I retired after 24 years. Well now I can afford to Own one and I do. The Renault R-10 is my passion the good memories/stories of the car are endless. The Renault R-10 had its issues with overheating problems because the technically advance cooling system for its time, was misunderstood in the USA by lack of knowledge of a vacuum tight& expansion bottle system. No VW bug could match its comfortable seats and smooth ride over any Bumps. sadly sales dropped in the US market, but not in Europe. I have driven a few model. Best regards Luis 757-208-8039 Renault R-10, R-12, R-5,R-18, R-25. medallion. I welcome feedback from any Renault fan/owner.

7th Dec 2007, 21:09

My dad bought me my first car in 1978, it was a 1967 R10. I loved it to death - unfortunately. I drove hundreds of Km's in it at weekends and it never let me down. Until it had been repaired after an idiot ran up the back of it and the repairer 'forgot' to fill the radiator :((( Doing 95mph down a country road, I blew the rings and melted the side of one piston! Still it got me home and I have never forgotten it. It was the best car I ever had, and if I could get another one, I won't miss the opportunity.

2nd Jan 2008, 15:20

My first car was a 1969 R10; I inherited it from my mother in 1973. I loved the car, despite the rust from Ohio's salty roads. My sister couldn't drive a stick, though, and when she burned out my second transmission, I couldn't afford to keep the car alive. I would LOVE to own one, but don't have the patience to restore. If anyone knows of a true "driver", I have a garage waiting to give it a home. I'd buy a good one in a heartbeat. (I live in Maryland, USA) My e-mail is cpritchard and my internet service provider is att.net (This way the spammers won't find me).

1st Mar 2008, 04:08

I have a Renault R10. Some days it seems to be in a good condition, but needs restoration. I want to fit in it two twin carburetors, but I don't know if the engine will last. Please tell me if someone has tried this before.

My e-mail is jiannig@in.gr

15th Apr 2008, 23:44

Hi, Greg Smith is my name.

I have owned many Renault's over the last 40 years (not all good let me say), but I first purchased a Renault new from City Motors in Mackay, in 1968. It was the just released square headlight Renault 10, but because I'd never heard of oversteer and total inexperience, the car only lasted intact for a few months before myself and a mate, end for ended this lovely car a number of times, but we both walked away unscathed!

After the car was repaired and I learnt to drive it, we went on to develop a wonderful relationship. A truly unique car; full of character and really demanding respect at all times, they don't suffer fools lightly, so beware!

Since then I've owned probably over 100 cars of all makes and models; never let it be said I'm bias, but I still have a favorite in my shed; a powder blue Renault 10 that still puts a smile on my dial every time I drive her. Not a real safe car these days, but never the less I still leave the new Mercedes and Subaru at home, and go up the coast in the old Reno. 130K's an hour in a 10 is a joy to behold, viva la difference.