1995 Seat Cordoba GLX 1.8L petrol


Nice to drive, but very costly to repair/service


* Hoses continually rupture, even after replacement.

* Air con needs re-gassing.

* Clutch/pressure plate broke.

* Power window motor broke.

* Cracked wheel bearing.

* Mystery ignition timing problem.

* Central locking didn't work on driver's side.

General Comments:

I bought this car in December 2006 for about $2000 (AUD). I bought it because it had low kms, and seemed a bargain.

I bought it with the knowledge that the drivers' side power window motor didn't work. I sourced a 2nd hand one and installed that myself. The part cost $450.

The driver's side front wheel bearing started emitting a "woooo" kind of noise, so I replaced all wheel bearings myself. $150 for a wheel bearing kit and took about an hour or so.

The car had not had a timing belt replacement so I had that replaced. It was surprisingly cheap. Only $400 including labor.

The engine temperature began to rise one day while driving. Hose burst. In Sydney (aus) there are only a few places where you can get spares for this car, and they are quite costly. I've replaced about 4 hoses and they cost a minimum of about $60 each. Due I think to a high engine running temperature, some of the brand new hoses I've recently put on have burst again.

Problem developed whereby the car would not start on rainy days. Or if it did, the idle would be lumpy and the engine would cut out when you try to accelerate (and if that happened you would not be able to start the car again for hours). I took it to about 4 mechanics who had no idea what it was. I retarded the ignition timing just a little and it appears to have fixed the problem, but the car chews a lot more petrol now and has lost a lot of power. It now has power comparative to a 1.3 litre. Not so good when the car is 1.8L.

The pressure plate apparently came apart. That cost $1380 to replace including a new clutch kit + cable & labour.

Now that I have fixed all of the immediate problems, I think the car isn't too bad at all. It is a very comfortable drive, feels smooth on the road and the steering is beautifully light. The red dash is attractive when illuminated at night. It has a spacious interior and a massive boot. Though I would have preferred if the boot was hinged at the roof (like a hatchback), instead of at the rear windscreen base.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2008

1998 Seat Cordoba SE 1.6 Fuel Injection


Volkswagen car for less than Volkswagen money


I had to replace one of the electric fans, as the bearing had gone on it. Which caused the car to vibrate when the fan was running.

The rubber cover on the door light sensor switch fell off.

There is a squeak coming from the dash around the speedo, and around the front doors.

General Comments:

Happy with the car, apart from a few minor things.

Quite nippy for a 1.6 litre 8 valve car.

Huge boot, however there is not much leg room for anyone in the back.

Good paint finish and build quality.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2004

1995 Seat Cordoba GLX 1.8


Spanish soul coupled with German VW engineering and build quality


Left passenger wheel emitted a whirring noise that the used car yard where I bought the car, and the SEAT dealer, both in Canberra, could not (or would not) properly identify or fix. However, when I took the car to the Canberra VW Centre, it was immediately identified as a wheel bearing problem and fixed. I now only deal with the Canberra VW Centre as they really seem to understand SEATs and other VW-family cars.

Plastic under-car protectors, under bumper, have come loose and bits have broken off.

Boot light can be very touchy as to whether it wants to work or not.

Gear selector light has also been very intermittent.

Rear passenger windows tend to slip down a bit over time.

Just a few weeks ago the immobiliser stopped working properly and would not let me start the car even with the key in the ignition. A new bulb holder, including a clip that holds the wire connecting the immobiliser with the gear selector, had to be ordered in from Spain and installed under the gear selector.

General Comments:

It is hard to describe how much I love driving my SEAT Cordoba. The German VW engineering combined with the Spanish SEAT flair and feel makes for a very unique and enjoyable drive and appearance.

The real spoiler, front and rear fog lights, and body shape make the car look quite sporty and stand out from the VW Golf or Polo, or any other car in Australia really. I especially like the big chrome SEAT "S" on the front grille and chrome badging on the rear.

The black console, with red instrumentation illumination, and patterned cloth trim and seats makes for a very stylish interior.

For a 1995 car, and for the price it was selling for new, it is a car packed with great features - electric mirrors and front windows, heated mirrors, fog lights, power steering, air conditioning, central locking, reading light, four speaker superb sound stereo, and, of course, the gigantic boot these cars are famous for - and a very, very stylish steering wheel with (again) the SEAT "S" on it!

In Canberra, and anywhere else in Australia, the SEAT Cordoba really stands out as being different - even eight years later. I have loved driving my Spanish chariot to work each day at the Japanese Embassy where I work!

My only gripe is to SEAT head office in Spain: please, please start exporting to Australia again. I want to buy another SEAT - and a new one this time!

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Review Date: 13th September, 2003

20th Apr 2004, 01:07

Just to add on the SEAT Cordoba GLX 95 they are a good little car nice to drive, but under powered 1.8l. I bought mine five years ago the engine is faultess, but the interior is starting to degenerate. The central locking has failed and the rear winders uses the cable system so they are starting to stick a bit. The whirring noise in the rear drums are bearing problems I have changed mine twice in the last years five years easy to replace. Apart from all those problems it's a great little car nice European shape great when they are lowered, mag wheels and sports exhaust added.