5th Nov 2004, 08:42

I agree with the writer's comments. I purchased a '96 GLX model in a metallic burgundy for my daughter almost six months ago. She has already clocked up over 11,000 kms with the only expense being a replacement battery. What a superb little car! Hers is a 5 speed manual, and although the 1781cc 8 valve motor generates only 66kw of power, having a decent displacement in a small car means the torque is very good. With the gear stick having very close throws, I have inadvertently taken off in third gear instead of first and it handled it easily. With the added attractions of a stylistic interior and attractive exterior, the humongous boot (!), side impact bars in the doors, its solid feel and quiet, unfussed manners, it is a superb little car and great value. I paid AUD$5,600 for it, and the cheapest I could insure it at AGREED VALUE WAS $9,090. Bonus!

18th Feb 2005, 21:36

I have a 97 Cordoba.

240000 K with very few problems, coil, fan switch, starter motor stuck once. Haven't replaced any thing on the exhaust system

All weather, all Australian roads, still gets 40mpg on the open road (I have to convert it back)

Pity that Seat pulled out of Australia, what do I buy next?

20th Jun 2006, 07:12

I had a 95 GLX model and was very pleased with it.

I purchased two years ago the new Cordoba model 1.4 Automatic.

I'm quite happy with the car, though I consider that the painting scheme is not as good as the old one, minor things will cause a big scratch. The car is now 60.000km, but recently they had to replace the accelerator pedal and the engine throtle valve... I still note a lack of power, it's like if I drive with the parking brake on. Seat service as been unable to solve the problem, they're good to change the oil and filters, but when there's something wrong and the computer diagnostic is clean, they just can't solve it.

Nuno Amaro


30th Jul 2006, 02:06

Hello, I have just recently bought a Seat Cordoba GLX 94. I love this car, but when I tried to take out the engine oil dipstick to check the oil level, I couldn't do it! I can twist it around, but it won't come out. The manual says to pull it out, but it won't budge. Can anyone help me? This is my first car. Also, how can you tell if a fan belt is getting old?

4th Feb 2013, 06:16

Dipstick: pull with a sharp jerking motion. If you get oiled in the process, look at where the dipstick begins near the handle. There should be a rubber grommet thing. Check condition and replace if it's cracked or misshapen.

No "fan belts" as such as the fan is electric.

However, for alternator, power steering, air conditioning belts the rules are the same:

1. Check their condition. If you see little cracks on inside or outside, they should be replaced. If there is evidence of water, oil or coolant on them (even if now dry), you should replace.

2. Check the tension. If the movement is greater than recommended in the manual, either the belt is stretched and should be replaced, or the pulley the belt is attached to may need adjustment.

3. If in doubt, have them replaced, preferably all at once so you have a clean reference point for the future.

Including the cam belt!