2008 Skoda Octavia RS 2.0 turbo diesel


An amazing car for the price, ahead of the pack


Nothing has gone wrong with the car, but that is expected, I bought it brand new.

General Comments:

This is a new Octavia RS 2.0 Turbo Diesel wagon with DSG.

When I first got it, the car was very tight, a bit stiff perhaps, but also a sign of good build quality.

After 5,000 kms, it has loosened up a bit and is much more comfortable to drive. My previous car was a very comfortable Honda Legend, so it took a bit of getting used to. It is much more comfortable now.

This car is seriously quick. It has incredible acceleration and holds the road like glue.

Fuel economy is fantastic now averaging around 5.8ltr/100kms. I drive over 100kms to work each day with a share of city and highway driving.

The cabin is very roomy and storage with the back seat down is pretty big.

The features are very good, and it is surprising how many features are available.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2009

5th Jul 2010, 06:52

Well I have this car for 15 months now and have had problems for the last 3 months. Firstly the glow plug alarm started beeping intermittently, then every 5 seconds. The engine service light came on at the same time. That was just the start.

I live in the Canberra region, and to make a booking to see the local dealer takes a month every time. So I ring up to get the glow plug alarm checked, a month later they say they need to replace the throttle control in the computer. OK, so wait another month. During that month the Diesel Particulate Filter alarm comes on. So when I take it back, they say the DPF needs to be replaced, wait another month. This is annoying as the vehicle had gone into "limp" mode, meaning it has no power at all. I drive 40 kms on a highway to get to work so this mode can be pretty dangerous at times, if not very frustrating ie, only able to do 80km/hr up a slight incline and taking a long time to speed up to 100 km/hr.

So after 5 weeks of limp mode, I take it back and they say Skoda sent the wrong part, wait another month and start again. Needless to say I am not happy. I have complained to Skoda and the dealer, but who knows.

The end result is that 25% of the time I have this car from new, it has had problems. I have little faith they they will fix it next time. To be continued...

24th Jan 2014, 16:00

Well 5 years on and the car is going great. As for the DPF filter problem, it turned out to be the sensor that was the culprit and a problem for many turbo diesel owners. So I bought a new sensor and had the local garage replace it and get the computer to commence an adaption process. The car runs great.

All in all, this car is as good as the day I bought it. Fantastic value.

25th Jan 2014, 16:12

What's your mileage now, five years later?