1995 Subaru Liberty GX 2.2


Rock solid


Coolant temp sensor failed.

Crankshaft oil seal leaked.

RH Camshaft end plate seal leaked (O-ring).

Power steering pump leaked (reservoir O-ring).

Water pump leaked.

General Comments:

Great, practical car. A little sluggish, but fantastic handling.

Fuel economy has been very good. 7.5 to 9.5 L/100km.

The inside is a little drab, but being able to fold the rear seat flat means a lot of stuff can be packed in the back of the wagon.

I do all the servicing myself and find it an extremely easy car to work on. This has saved a lot of money compared to dealership rates!

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Review Date: 11th September, 2010

1995 Subaru Liberty Heritage 2.2 Boxer 4 petrol


Excellent car with a slight premium on cost of ownership! Recommended!


Auto gearbox started losing it at about 230000, lucky I was a car club member, so I managed to procure another cheaply, which hasn't missed a beat since.

Power Steering had a leak at about 260000, was fixed using a couple of $3 clamps (the stock thumb clamps had weakened)

Oxygen sensor wore out, replacement was cheap enough (don't go to Subaru, you will pay though the nose!) and I fitted it myself.

Currently has a minor oil leak (common problem with older Subaru's) so the crankshaft oils seals will need replacement.

Starter motor wore out at 270000 (I do deliveries using this car so it got cranked 20-30 times a night!), replaced with a reconditioned unit, no problem since.

General Comments:

In general I have really enjoyed owning this car and plan to hang on to it for some time yet. I've grown up around Subaru's and owning one hasn't dulled the experience at all.

Mine is the top spec Heritage, so it gets equipment that most of the lower models missed out on, dual airbags, ABS, 6 Speaker Stereo, Driving Lights, Factory Body Kit, Rear Spoiler, Leather and power everything. (Generation 2 Liberty's were built around the time of the recession in Japan, so cost cutting was inevitable!)

Admittedly more power would be welcome, so I may modify with a turbo motor in the future, but it's more than adequate for highway driving and overtaking. Although stay away from 2.5 litre models, this was the first generation of that engine and it is prone to problems. The 2.2 is very reliable.

If you do choose to buy a Subie, CHECK FOR A FULL SERVICE HISTORY! Mine did have one, so I was comfortable buying it, even with the high km's. Subies that are well maintained should stay reliable for years, but they are a very fussy car when it comes to maintenance, they need clean fluids and filters so don't skimp on this. The basic maintenance is very easy to do yourself, the EJ22 engine is very easy to work around. Neglect these cars and you will regret it.

One Liberty I looked at had only done 80000KM but had obviously never had an oil change! If you hear loud tappet noises when starting them, back away and look elsewhere because it's been neglected.

Parts are expensive but I have needed relatively few of them, despite the high KM's. These cars are more expensive to own and run than other 4 cylinders, I believe this to be justified by the added safety that they offer. Particularly in Australia where roads can vary from excellent to absolute crap, AWD makes sobering sense.

It's quite happy to venture off the road just as long as you remember that it isn't a purpose built off roader and does have limitations, like ground clearance. I have taken this car on a ski trip with a bootfull (it's a wagon too) of luggage, 3 mates and roof racks loaded with skis, boards and poles, all while climbing up and down a mountain to go skiing every day and it handled it superbly! Alpine areas have a truly scary number of Subaru's come to think of it...

AWD + Auto Gearbox means that they can be thirsty around town if you have a lead foot, they suit highways well though, mine uses 7.8 L/100Km's which is pretty good for a car it's size.

Overall it's a very comfortable car, perfect for long distance trips. It's very safe and easy to drive, grips, handles and stops better than many other cars I have driven. For it's age I doubt you will find better!

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Review Date: 24th July, 2008

1995 Subaru Liberty GX 2.2


Nice car.. needs a turbo


Crank sensor was faulty. Car would not start every now and then.

The engine check light came on the other day. Don't know what the problem is.

General Comments:

Very nice to drive.

Nice and taunt. Has a front wheel drive feel in corners, which I am not all that thrilled about.

The motor could do with another 30kw. It is a bit of a slug.

Very comfortable car.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2003

2nd Oct 2003, 07:03

Perhaps because it is front-wheel drive as my 1995 Liberty GX. A common mistake by owners not knowing.

Great car.

1st Jan 2004, 19:59

As far as I am aware, the Subaru range didn't go completely all wheel drive until 1998. Before that, unless the boot badging says "4WD", it's front wheel drive. I bought a 1994 Impreza a few years ago and specifically made sure it was an AWD version.