24th Jul 2008, 08:06

Boot badging? Just have a look under the back. If there's a diff there, then it's AWD. If not, then front wheel drive. You're right though, Subaru didn't go AWD across the entire range till 98.

11th Dec 2008, 16:27

I just bought a 95 Liberty wagon 4WD 5spd and it's great! Fuel economy is great. It has some body roll but I do drive as if I'm in a permanent rally, nothing some new shocks wouldn't fix. A bit slow on the take off extra power would be nice. The shifting of gears is the only real issue, very loose and often hard to get into gear, mechanic told me bushes in the box may need replacing to fix the problem... I think the dodgy gearbox is a Subaru thing tho, my mum has a Forester with similar issues... 2 thumbs up for my Liberty.

28th Dec 2008, 04:56

Just bought a 1995 Liberty GX wagon 4wd (yes I checked rear diff was there) auto, so much car for so little $, but thirsty on fuel and stalls occasionally.

Auto electrician computer said oxygen sensor and knock sensors from check engine light could what cause it to stall? But the biggest mystery is after a short trip, when warm, it occasionally won't start despite turning over, but after 15 minutes wait starts first crack - would this be a crank sensor, and if so does anyone know how much to repair?

Anyone know of good Subaru mechanic near Avalon Sydney?

5th Jan 2009, 10:10

Hi there. I've got a Subaru liberty GX 1995. it's an AWD. I was wondering how I can change it from an AWD to a 2 wheel drive?

12th Jan 2009, 07:05

Sell it to me and buy a 2WD... simple.

22nd Jan 2009, 23:09

If the Subaru is an auto trans, under the hood, close to firewall, passenger side, is a small black fuse holder that says, FWD, put any size fuse in it... you have fwd.

10th Jan 2013, 06:33

From memory, somewhere on the 'net is a description of how you can use the VIN number to tell whether the 94 GX is AWD or FWD. Mine is AWD (which was nice on the squishier parts of a fire trail last weekend), but does not have anything indicating this stuck onto the outside of the car.

18th Jun 2014, 11:53


I can tell you that not all Subaru's come with AWD.

I hope this helps. Haven't tried it myself due to the fact there is no back diff, but give this a go.


24th Jun 2015, 06:02

I had similar problem with I thought the gearbox. Took it to an auto mechanic, and he said he'd have to take the gearbox out to fix it. The price was $1800.

Gear lever was very loose, no reverse nor drive 5.

I went to Subaru dealer, got some print outs, and took the centre console out.

The linkages above the gearbox were shot; the nylon bushes had worn and fell out. The cost to replace was $49.00 and 2 hours of my labour.

Your problem is more likely bushes in the linkages.

Cheers, Happy Dog.

24th Jun 2015, 06:06

It is more likely to be the knock sensor, plus throttle position sensor. Both very easy to replace.

I have a liberty 94, and have the exact same problem.

Cheers, Happy Dog.

14th Nov 2016, 08:05

I have just bought a Subaru Liberty 1995 4WD. It seems to splutter and stall. The check engine light comes on sometimes; I pull over, put it into park and start with no problems; I take off, drive for a while, and then it will do it again. Does anyone have any idea?

5th Aug 2017, 10:18

Hey guys, I just bought a 1995 GX Sedan and I have a few questions:

Will the body kit off an RX fit on my 2gen, and what can I do exhaust wise to give me that Subie rumble; is there a sports exhaust for them at all?

Thanks guys.