1993 Suzuki Swift GTi 1.3L


Great Car, but get problems at 200,000k's


Suspension was already gone when I got it.

CV Joints replaced at 190,000km

200,000Kms-218,000Kms Replaced fuel pump, rotor button, and ignition module and ignition coil.

Car is playing up not sure why.

General Comments:

It is a very great and fast car that I love so much. Only problem is it keeps playing up and no one knows why. You will be just sitting there doing nothing and the car will just stop for no reason, then when you turn the key to start the car it sounds like the car is trying to kick over, but it won't. If any one has any ideas on getting my car to work again could you please tell me.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2005

6th Apr 2005, 16:15

I guess I'm having the same problem. My car would just turn 0f. After a while it will start again. Have you solved your problem. How Can I fix my Suzuky Swift.

14th Apr 2006, 04:39

I have the same problem with my 1991 Swift GTi as well, however mines only done 87,000ks, when it goes it goes well, however sometimes it won't start for days, it starts about 1 out of 100 times I guess.

29th Jul 2009, 20:46

I have a 1993 Suzuki Swift and I have the same problem; occasionally I start up the car and it turns off on it's own. Also when I'm driving on the motorway doing 100k, the car starts to hop a little as if it's about to come to a halt. I have been told it may be the carburetor. Does anyone else have any clues?

7th Jan 2010, 08:13

Maybe it's spark plugs?

15th Feb 2010, 20:13

I have a different car, but same problem, I had a 1.4 turbocharged 86 Spectrum, pop the hood and check all exposed wires, any harnesses, and if you can get the car to start, while it's running wiggle all connections. Mine just got so filthy and some were bent just from driving and the weight of the wire harness bending the connectors. If you wiggle any wires and it dies, there's your problem; mine was the bad connection to a MAP sensor or something like that to control the fuel flow.

20th Dec 2012, 16:17

Dirty fuel tank and fuel pump filter, and probably fuel filter as well.